Friday, December 01, 2006

More Snow Day

How I kept warm on a cold Thursday night.

One more thing about a snow day: those d-a-m Yankees make me crazy! They're always on the news saying, "This is nothing. Where I come from we're used to alot more snow. It's no big deal." Well, do you want all us Southerners on the roads attempting to drive?!? The police are telling us to stay home! We are law-abiding citizens - we stayed home. So there.


Yvonne said...

Yep - that's me! Law abiding citizen!

Sarah said...

Not only are we morons driving in it, no one is prepared for it. Salt trucks? Snow plows? Snow chains? Nada. We prepare for snow by sending two poor schleps in the back of a dump truck with shovels to toss gravel on any inclines that might get slippery. I would say we're not exactly ready for blizzard conditions.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha Yeah, we're not exactly equipped for snow & ice. But why should we?! We are lucky to get a thin layer of sleet w/ some powder that sort of looks like snow like once MAYBE twice a year. I keep thinking surely we're due for a serious snow...but I'm not holding my breath.