Friday, December 29, 2006

Mission Organization

I've decided that THIS time of year is the time that we all want to get organized - I do. All the stuff incoming (from gifts) needs somewhere to go and something needs to go out to make space! My laundry room has been driving me crazy so I called in a professional. Anne Jones. She has a knack for organizing and she wants to share that talent with all of us. We worked out a fee schedule and she went to work! I asked for a consult and she re-did my pantry, too! She had some GREAT ideas for the laundry room and she was willing to implement all of them.
We forgot to take any "Before" pictures but these are the "After." I basically stood there and threw away all the out of date stuff!
We'll be revisiting the laundry as soon as my hubby can build me some new shelves :-) Then I'll post a before and after!
Call Anne if you're feeling overwhelmed and need some direction. Call Anne if you want someone to do all the work FOR YOU! Call Anne if you're ready to make a change! (You oughta see what she can do for a garage sale!)


Tammy M. said...

That just makes me so happy!