Monday, December 25, 2006

Ghost of Christmas Present

Christmas Tea Party at MiMi's

Christmas morning just starting to open presents....

Abbie with her Barbie, Kelly (Barbie's little sis,) and Barbie's new remote control VW!

Christmas Eve at Southern Hills Nativity.... Abbie loved all the animals!


Sarah said...

I'm lovin' Jim's snowman PJ's! :-) Scooters all around! You should have met us up at ACU for our roller-blade trial run!

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Your kids are so big. I didn't remember your little girl. Sounds like you didn't come to Bham for Christmas. Do you talk to Cindy Yerby? She has the prettiest babies. We see her at church a lot. Jim looks great....guess the cotton buiness is well. I'm back a work today!...YUCK! Sherry's off til Thursday with the kids. Drop me a line. Thought of u xmas....first year I DIDn't make Jezebel sauce.Ran out of time. Cory and Gray start track this weekend in Priceville. Tell Jim howdy. KD -