Monday, December 18, 2006

What, I'm Weird?

So, I've been trying to think of 6 weird things about me. Anne had tagged me days ago and I've been racking my brain. I'm sure there are thousands and I'm just used to them. Apparently Jim is also used to them because he couldn't think of anything either!

  1. I don't eat cheese. But I do eat some cheese. I especially don't like Veleeta but I'll eat Rotel made with Velveeta. I can't stand Feta, ever. When I see someone on the Food network at a cheese shop, I don't get it. I'm especially grossed out by cheese in a casserole. That's why I don't love Home Cooking mag, every recipe has cheese in it.
  2. I get up when the alarm goes off. I think it's weird to hit the snooze. Why not just sleep 9 more minutes?
  3. I have to have on mascara. And if I'm putting on mascara, I'm curling my eyelashes. I can crawl out of the bed and go to the pool but, only after I put on mascara.
  4. I'm cold in the winter and hot in the summer. People always assume that I'm hot-natured (in the summer) and then in the winter they assume I'm cold-natured. Nope, I'm just weird.
  5. I always read before going to sleep. It can be most anything but I usually have a book I'm reading. Magazines are good, too.
  6. I'm fanatical about being on time. I HATE to be late. If I'm supposed to be somewhere at a certain time, I have to be there then! Five minutes early is preferred.

All other odd habits are just that odd. I, too, can make up words with any tune (just ask Tia, my co-teacher.) I remember the lyrics to literally thousands of songs. My kids think I'm a penny-pincher and my husband wishes I was a penny-pincher.

There you are - 6 things you didn't want to know about me. Enjoy your pondering. Oh, and feel free to post your 6 things on your blog or even add to my list in the comments.


Anonymous said...

I'll have to think about this one. I'm just pretty sure I'm not weird at all. Ask anyone that knows me. Ok, don't...I was just kidding. I agree w/ you 100% on the alarm clock thing. I get up when it goes off. I'm afraid if I hit snooze once...I'd hit it 20 times & get up 3 hours late.

soul and culture said...

- I once hitched a ride from Atlanta to Birmingham with a truck driver after my car broke down.
- I have completed a half-marathon.
- I have my favorite coffee (Southern Pecan Crème) shipped to me from Birmingham every month.
- I have a strange addiction to Moleskine journals & brown felt-tip pens.
- I never leave home without my iPod, cell phone, Moleskine journal, a book, and a camera.
- My greatest fears are breaking my teeth. And small rodents.

soul and culture said...

And as to alarm clocks, I am a chronic snoozer. I think it might be an addiction.

Denise W. said...

Good ones, Amy! I forgot to include small rodents. I can step over a snake but a mouse will sending me screaming!

Anonymous said...

We live on the snooze button. In fact, we set the alarm to go off according to how much time we want to have before we get up. If we want up at 7, we set the alarm for 6:45. It just works for us. I know - weird. I didn't know there were people that didn't like Velveeta!!!!!

Sarah said...

It was 48* today and the fans in your house would have lifted off a 747. I would like to argue #4.

I long to be the person to get up when the alarm goes off. I always hope...

Sarah said...

Ooooh -- AND -- you don't eat sour cream, either. I still haven't figured out what you DO eat at a Mexican food restaurant -- although I do eat sour cream and cheese but could live on the chips and hot sauce.

Tammy M. said...

I think that unusual is a kinder term than weird.

Anonymous said...

I always thought you were a little weird....aren't we all! Just look what you find when you google someone's name. E-mail me and I'll send you a family look well and boy has that Kenny gotten bigger since his days at St. V's!! I was just telling someone that story last week. My e-mail Signed Keith Dunn

P.S. Sorry I'm no blogger

Roxanne said...

So you don't eat King Ranch casserole? See--I can't eat weird cheese either. . .but no King Ranch?

Denise W. said...

I love King Ranch Chicken! I make it with less cheese and the cheese is equal parts Colby Jack (which I tolerate better) and Cheddar. I always put out more cheese for others to add if they like - yuck!