Thursday, December 28, 2006

Maybe Just A New Paint Job

Well, I've been trying VERY hard to switch over to WordPress and it just isn't working for me. I (apparently) can't import all my hard work up until this point. This has to do with me going over to the *New* Blogger. WordPress can't import with the new Beta. I did think I might cut and paste but, paste where? Blogger doesn't cooperate with me and my desire to do different stuff (fonts, headers, style.) I can't move into a new house so I want this one to change. But, I may be here awhile longer. yeah.

I went to see DreamGirls tonight and, yall really need to go see it! Jennifer Hudson was incredible! I can't say enough about her performance - she just was Effie. The music was terrific, too. Judy told me to save my money but, I almost just drove over to Target and bought the soundtrack.


Anthony Parker said...

OK, we're heading back to Albany from Alabama -- should get there this afternoon. When can we get together? Our house is a mess, but you're welcome. We'll be coming to Abilene next Saturday for an old missionary party (not sure what time). Give us a call.

yvonne said...

Going this afternoon to see Night at the Museum! Can't wait! I would also like to see The Holiday at some point. Let me know if you are interested! Emily has seen Charlotte's Web and she loved it.