Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Just 2 Days Ago

I'm feeling led to say a little something about our Christmas. Perhaps the pictures weren't enough to convey the joyfulness surrounding the day. Perhaps the pictures didn't show the wonderful presents received by all. Perhaps the pictures just weren't enough for yall to see the 10 pounds I've put on in 3 days but maybe that was intentional.

Santa brought both kids scooters and, I must say, it's kinda cute the way they're riding them though the house. I know, that's a bad thing but, it's still cute. I keep thinking that they will become outside toys soon but, not yet. We went yesterday and used the (overindulgent) gift card that Uncle Billy bought them (together! What's up with that??!!) to purchase helmets. Mr. and Mrs. Claus are still living in the 70's and forgot to buy helmets. I can attest that the Clauses use seat belts in their vehicles but helmets for bike and scooter riding are still so, you know, 21st century.

Cousins Jayden and Jerron got Kenny a remote control Hummer. Santa would not have bought such a expensive thing that Kenny would promptly forget about and leave in his closet. Or that Mrs. Claus would have to constantly buy batteries for - it's not a Claus purchase. Kenny LOVES it! It has rechargeable batteries. I hear it right now. It's going all over our house and running into all the furniture and walls. Santa did buy Abbie a remote control VW for Barbie and she and Kenny play with them together. Hers only goes back and forth so it isn't as much fun. But Barbie and Kelly can ride in hers and they seem to like being in wrecks.

I have discovered that the gifts that make my kids happy make me happy. Who knew?

We also got a new member on the household, Elizabeth. ("What's her name, again?" "Well, you said her name was Elizabeth." "Oh, yeah.") Mimi and Pop got Abbie an American Girl doll that looks like Abbie. They are sold with varying skin tones, hair color and eye color so Abbie's looks like her. They also made her a doll bed and she has 3 outfits. The one she came with, one they picked up for an 18-inch doll (not American Girl,) and real, over-priced, beautiful pajamas that kinda match Abbie's. Abbie changes her clothes every day and she went with us to Target yesterday. I'm sure you will all be meeting Elizabeth soon.

You know, they make LOTS of doll clothes patterns and Elizabeth and Abbie may end up in some matching outfits. Okay, I'm a little excited about Elizabeth, too. Did I mention my discovery that gifts that make my kids happy make me happy, too?

Trust me there is alot more and, surprising, the kids seem content with all of it. Kenny's been reading some of his new books and Abbie's been coloring on her new Doodle Bear. Jim has slept with his new pillow and I have watched Devil Wears Prada. I'm saving Ricky Bobby until Jim and I can watch it together, again. Although it will be fun to listen to the commentary on that one!


Roxanne said...

Didn't know you were a speech therapist in a former life. . .Thad's speech at 2 went through MHMRA (which totally freaked his school teacher momma out) but we ended up having to go to private therapy 'cause there weren't enough case workers to come to our home. They dismissed him at 3 due to his wonderful progress, and now we will have him in the public school either in our neighborhood or where V. attends. I started this process again back in September--you know how the wheels turn--AND Thad's teacher had a baby and has been out awhile. Will keep you posted. . .and probably ask for some advice. :)