Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Pit

Last Friday Abbie was invited to a birthday party at the Gymnastics Sports Center and both of my children had the best time playing. They stayed at the foam pit almost the entire time. (The foam pit is a large area for the gymnasts to land in when they run and jump.) Well, yall know I had to give it a try. It just looked like something I should get into to - so I did. It was very hard to get out for such a short landing. Kristi took some very incriminating video of me trying to get out (use your imagination.)

Lately that's how I've been feeling - like I'm stuck in that foam pit and can't crawl out. That foam pit is like my messy house, unpaid bills, Christmas decorating, Christmas shopping, the eternal laundry, and the stench in the broken disposal. It's the putting the kids to bed, making sure Kenny's done his Bible Bowl homework, loading the dishwasher, raking the leaves (worrying about raking the leaves,) fighting with Abbie over wardrobe choices, and trying to figure out what my father-in-law wants for Christmas.

Sorry if this is a little too honest for ya. I know some of you drop by here for a laugh and some of you haven't ever met me. But life is too short to pretend perfection and I'm too old to not show my wrinkles and warts (okay, the stretch marks are hidden.)


Tammy M. said...

You name the time and I will show up to help you!

Lisa said...

It must be in the air. I'm in the same kind of mood.

I was actually thinking of naming my next post "The Pit of Despair," not only for the reference to Princess Bride, but also to describe my current frame-of-mind.

Sigh. Come quickly Lord Jesus.

Sarah said...

Okay, this won't get you all the way out of the pit, but just sit for a moment and go back to the "green room" before lectureship and listen to Judy tell us about her day at the spa and the mud baths. More importantly, listen to Judy tell us about getting OUT of the mud baths. That is what came to mind about you crawling out of the foam pit (and GSS's pit isn't nearly as colorful as that pic -- I've NEVER been tempted to get in...)

Friend, I'm sorry you are in the pit and I KNOW what it feels like trying to get out. Truth is, you can't get out by yourself. You have to quit struggling and let the Lord lift you out. Sounds all flowery and everything, but it's true -- it's the things of this world that have you stuck there. And, lucky you, you have awesome friends who will wallow in the pit with you or help you out -- whatever you want! :-)

And, I'm with Lisa -- what's up that we're all in the pit? Let's have a pit-y party! I'm so punny ...

Yvonne said...

Friends!! Don't be in the pit! I know - Listen to me-the girl who stays in the pit. Get out or move over is all I have to say. Actually - I'm with Tammy - just name the time and I'm there!

Dee O'Neil Andrews said...

And here I was writing about being happy yesterday (Tuesday) for the second day in a row and have now added today! Here's the reason, though:

I'm not dealing with ANY of the stuff you're dealing with Denise. No decorations (all boxed up and packed away), no Christmas cards, no presents (I'm only getting one more "real" one for Tom's best friend, so he gets to help, and one "fake" one for his office party for Friday night, so I can handle those two!), no kids at home to deal with - I got mine raised and grown by some miracle back in time, thank you - , no Christmas food to fix - our kitchen, too, is pretty much boxed up and packed away, no house to clean, we're in this little apartment full of - what else - boxes, no company to look for to entertain, no running around - I refuse to do that.

In other words, not much is going on, but everything is under control! THAT'S the way to get out of the pit. Let it all go, I'm tellin' ya. Not worth it. Believe me, it's not.

And you ARE NOT old and lumpy and wrinkledy and warty. Believe me. You are in your prime of life (that's a frightening thought, isn't it!?!)

I gotta go. I'll check back later to see how you're doing, okay? I mean, I'm usually the depressed one but I've got some good drugs! Try Paxil - it works wonders!

Cheers! & Blessings to you all today! Dee

Anonymous said...

I hear you Denise..I feel I'm in the same spot you are. I can't seem to keep up with my house & laundry lately...I just walk in & its all staring at me. It's depressing. Christmas is such a lovely time of year, but also one of the most stressful. So much money to spend (although I LOVE buying gifts for people, it just stresses me out having to PAY for them! ha!), and I always procrastinate & have to cram all my shopping in mid-December. (not smart by the way) But when you step back & see all the BLESSINGS God has given you, it makes it all not seem so overwhelming. Bills will always get paid, decorations put up, gifts bought, house cleaned & laundry done. God always takes care of us...ALWAYS. It makes me wonder why I waste my time stressing, because in my heart I always know it will all be ok. Its just so hard sometimes!! I hope you are feeling better Denise. Just know you are not alone! Everyone has these times. Hey I'm with Dee...get you some Paxil...haha....

Dee O'Neil Andrews said...

So, Denise -

How is your day coming along, or do any of us really want to know?! ha!

It will all work out. Make yourself a list and check stuff off. That's what I always do when totally overwhelmed. That way even if I only get two or three things on the list done and accomplished, I feel better because I had it all set out before me and could and did work on it.

Lists are marvelous inventions to make us feel just a bit more like we're really in control over anything in this life, believe me. And I've certainly had those times and think I'm getting ready to be jumping back into them with this house we're trying to build. That's a perfect example!

Every time I stop to think about the entire "project" I start to come unglued. Having to decide every little thing and have it all turned out right and at the same time is WAY more than overwhelming. It's beyond comprehension.

It's been dragging on so and now all at once it seems to be picking up and taking off and I don't know how I'm going to get it all done. Every light fixture, every faucet, every floor tile, every outlet, every paint color, every . . . every everything! Yikes!?!

I guess I'd better go. Make one of those lists I was just talking about and quit piddling around blogging most of the day.

Cheers, still!

Love ya! Dee