Thursday, January 04, 2007

Movie Time

Tuesday night was a big night around town - it was Judy's Birthday! I was lucky enough to be invited for a little movie viewing and coffee drinking - fun had by all who were there! We saw the movie The Holiday and it was very cute. I've been wanting to see this chick flick all though the holidays and it was worth it. Just a quick critique:

Jude Law - Hunk! One lady especially liked his horn-rimmed glasses. He is pretty hot. Nuff said.

Kate Winslett - Great Actress! She could make any chacter interesting and funny this time out. The scene with her crying was so hysteristical!

Jack Black - Funny Second Banana. Jack Black as a love interest was interesting casting (like Kate Winslett couldn't do better??!!) but I always liked me a funny guy so I could believe it.

Cameron Diaz - I'm not sure you could call this acting. She's just a skinny girl who goes though her scenes attempting to be Lucille Ball. I think she was supposed to be endearing like Jack Black - I just wanted to punch her.

One of our friends said it was her favorite new movie - she hadn't seen Dreamgirls yet. I'm currently listening to the soundtrack and, surprising Eddie Murphy's singing isn't awful. I can't recomend this movie enough - it didn't seem like a chick flick to me but it's a musical. Lots of Motown.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to Judy! You inspire me to be a better wife and mom!


jessica said...

I loved that movie... but I wanted it to keep going!

Anonymous said...

Glad for the movie review. I have been wanting to see this movie for a while now, but had heard some people say they didn't like it. None NEARLY as worthy an you I'm gonna go w/ your rating. =)

Nicole said...

Haven't seen either, but want to see both. I'm truly not a chick flick fan though. (I can hear the gasps now!) BUT I'll take your word that it really isn't one.

BTW-Glad you finally made it back to my blog. I was beginning to get a complex. :)

judy said...

Thanks Denise. You always make me smile. I liked the movie,too. That English countryside wasn't bad either.

Melene said...

My Mom and I saw Dreamgirls while she was visiting and we both LOVED it. I felt like I had been to Broadway Musical. Also saw We are Marshall with my husband and it is really good too. Took my parents to Frontier Texas and I'm so glad we did it. Thanks for the recommendation!