Sunday, January 07, 2007

Ordinary Princess Life

Roxanne has given us all a challenge to write and I was needing a topic! She has quoted a study that 36% of women wouldn't marry their same spouse all over again and in response she would like us to write about our Ordinary Princess lives. It's that story that should have been all mushy and romantic but real life doesn't get many of those (Am I on target, Roxanne?) Here's one of mine.......

We were on our once-in-a-lifetime-honeymoon. It was incredible! Jim planned the entire time and it was perfect. Except for one night.

We were in the Canadian Rockies and we were driving to Jasper to catch the Rockie Mountaineer Train to ride it back to Vancouver (over 2 days.) Our travel agent had arranged for us to stay just outside of Jasper at a natural hot springs. "People had been going there since the 1920's for the hot spring." - travel agent.

Well, it was about 20 miles "outside" of Jasper and we got there so late we didn't get to see anything! We had to drive about 7 miles down this twisty road and at one point had to stop to allow a porcupine to lumber off the road! The hotel was owned by some Indian family and they were worried about us - because it was late. Our room was more like a cabin. If I had been expecting camping, I would have felt better. The light in the bathroom was a chain over the mirror. The shower was one you buy at Home Depot and put in your lake house or hunting lodge or cabin in the woods. No TV. No phone. No food. One lamp. The windows opened up to the woods without any screens. Jim was told that the deer would come up to the window - yuck.

We had to catch the train back in Jasper at 8:00 - having had breakfast. It was so far out that we had get up extra early - 6:00. On our honeymoon. My dear hubby went to the office to inquire about a wake-up call and was given the teen daughter's clock radio. It received no station - just static. I sat still on the bed, freaked, until he came back.

We left early. Jim told me it was about $25 US - the cheapest place we stayed the entire time we were on our honeymoon.

In answer to the poll, I would state without hesitation that marrying Jim is the one thing I would do over without thinking. We are the most well-suited couple you know. We would have been friends if the Lord hadn't wanted us to be married.

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Roxanne said...

And THERE YA GO. . .simple as that. Perfect! I have a honeymoon horror (for me) story as well. . .I'm glad the deer left you alone, although I'm sure Jim has seen many of those in or around cotton fields. Then you moved to Monticello???? You must have really been freaked out by that. :)

Thank you for playing. . .you win A NEW (for you) CAR!!!!! I have a photo of it posted over on my blog. :)

Anonymous said...

Great story! That place sounds like it would have freaked me out too. But...had I been prepared for that type of stay..I probably would have enjoyed it. I like the whole cabin/camping thing..SOMETIMES. =) Ok're not commenting on my blog again..but I am ever faithful to yours. I guess I'm just that kind of friend....lucky, LUCKY you are. =)