Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Maybe I Should Just Publish a "24" Blog?

I'm dashing off a quick one!

School starts 2 hours late this morning - not yesterday when I needed that extra sleep! Yall know I had to stay up and watch all 4 hours of 24. Jim and I were just gonna watch the first 2 hours that my sweet MIL had taped, BUT once we started we couldn't stop. Yeah, that worked out to about 2 AM.

OMGosh! Jack Bauer as a broken man. Jack on his knees, crying! More Middle Eastern men out to kill us all! And, where's Kim? In L.A.? That's all I can write until I'm sure I wouldn't spoil it for everyone. Let's just say - Keifer deserved EVERY acting award available and I can't wait until next Monday night!
Sweetest thing ever - I came out 0f the bathroom a little while ago and the kids were playing in the snow. (There is some snow this time.) Jim was out there taping them. Our family works so much better when Daddy goes to work in the morning and comes home at night. We are all just happier. They were all smiles out there - I was smiles in here.


Sarah said...

We were not smiles here. Arguing people have invaded my days off for entirely too many days. There was shouting that, even though SHE was the one standing on the ice, HE made her fall. There was arguing that I wouldn't let them walk to school (again, they cry when it's 45* that it's too cold). There was arguing over a game.

Maybe they could come play at your house and Jim could film them, too?

Tammy M. said...

I want to watch 24!!!!! On one hand I can't believe that you stayed up till 2am, but on the other hand, Jack Bauer is addicting! I have only 4 more episodes to go until I am done with season one and I bought it less than a week ago! I am hoping there are some Abilene folks out there that have the other seasons on DVD and will loan them to me, I am afraid that I have given in to the addiction of 24 that my pocket book can't cash. Anna? Nicole?

Anonymous said...

Well...Jack IS the man...and he didn't dissapoint!! Those last 2 hours were amazing...Kirk is in Chicago right now & hasn't seen the last 2 hours...he's gonna be blown away! 24 rocks.

Anonymous said...

LOL Tammy....I rented them I have none to give!! Sorry! But...we signed up w/ some thing at Blockbuster where you get a non-new release almost every other time you it worked out good. Ask them about it. We watched all 5 seasons in about 2 months! We watched 24 almost every night! Isn't it the best??