Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It's Only A Game!

One of the nicest things that I've started since moving to Abilene is Bunco. It's a fun game played with (hopefully) fun women. I have a great group that means monthly at one of our houses, eats and laughs the night away. It's always one of my favorite nights. Bunco is the kind of game that allows everyone to chat and learn about each other. There's no skill or strategy involved - just fun.

We frequently have a theme and Monday night's theme was Co-Ed.

What??!! Hubbys (and 1 fiance) at Bunco? You say that will be fun? Judy said it. Judy did it. Fun? Some. Interesting? Totally.

Intellectually, I knew that men were more competitive than women but Monday night I got to live it! My first round was played with Vann (last names have been omitted to protect the not so innocent.) His lovely wife warned that he was a competive guy but whoa!! He learned "Baby Bunco"(any 3 of a kind and worth 5 points) and yelled it alot. Either to identify it or calling it forth - whichever worked. He was on the edge of his seat most of the night. He did keep a smile on his face. I was unsure if he was happy or it was his bloodlust smile.

I had the opportunity to play with Matt several times. He was scary. I was afraid he would come unglued if the wrong dice showed up. You throw the dice -the wrong dice frequently shows up. Matt looked like he needed a stiff drink by the end of the evening. All these talking women, trying to lose! (There's a prize for low score.) Woe, was Matt.

It seemed to be louder than usual. Lots of high fives and yelling. I'm thinking - wow, there must be a ton of Buncos (3 of a kind of the # that being rolled and worth 23 points) because there was so much shouting. No, apparently not. Not that many more than usual. Just more shouting. I wanted to tell the guys that the Ferrari they were passing around wasn't the real thing and Judy didn't have one parked outside for the winner.

Towards the end of the evening one of the ladies mentioned that she hadn't heard me all night. I usually enjoy singing and being somewhat rowdy on these nights. Well, who could be heard? When was I supposed to get a word in edgewise? And Phil was doing all the singing - You Can Ring My Bell (there's a bell that rung at the beginning and ending of each round.) He even introduced me to a new song! I didn't think it possible. (Typically, I've forgotten it. Sorry, Phil.)

So, men at Bunco. Good thing - once a year or once a millenium whichever comes first.


Anonymous said...

I want to be in your bunco group...I had so much fun that night I subbed w/ you guys. I don't have a bunco group..but I really like it! So next drop out..can I join?? Huh Denise..can I?? =)

Steve Duer said...

"It's only a game" has never been said by the person who won. That is a looser statement. Nah, I am not competitive at all.

Denise W said...

Anna, you must provide great freebies at every opportunity. You need to do this for several people in our group.

Keep trying - someone's planning on leaving in June :-)

Anonymous said...

Freebies?? LOL Like what? You mean..I have to "bribe" you guys to let me in?? Now thats just not very nice.

Melene said...

Hey! I just saw your comment on my blog about the 24 tape and meeting each other. I'm ready if you are! Send me an email......

Tammy M. said...

It was a fun night. Definately not as girly and giggly as a typical night, but fun none the less. The guys had fun I think.

Anna - no bribes are necessary here!