Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tagged, Again

Well, I survived the first day back - Woohoo! The kids seemed to be happy to be back and in our routine, too. Tia and I enjoyed the day with our little bots and the eternal words "Stay in your chair."


I've been tagged by Anna and I'm always going to do what I'm told - so I'm participating!

1) Do you like the looks & content of your blog?

It's okay. I've been able to change the font and I like that. Changing the look is one of my main reasons for switching to WordPress and I'm still learning to do that over there. And, yes, I like my content. If I didn't, why would I write?

2) Does your family know about your blog?

Yes, but they don't all read. My brother reads some and my mom reads regularly. I think she's just looking for pictures of the kids. Same thing goes for my mother-in-law - just wants pictures of the kids. One of Jim's sisters reads all the time and she thinks I'm funny! That is my reason for writing!

3) Can you tell your friends about your blog?

Yes. I don't write anything that anyone can't read. I have been surprised by someone that reads me and I didn't know it. I mentioned her (without her name) and found out she reads it. Oops. At least it wasn't insulting....

4) Do you just read the blogs of those who comment on your blog?

No way! I read lots of people who don't read me - at least, I don't think so. The reciprocation is nice but not necessary.

5) Does your blog positively affect your mind?

Yes. My mind is getting old and blogging jump-starts it. I have to have a topic, compose a decent sentence, create structure and make sense. I've also learned alot about computers (more all the time) and learning keeps our minds young!

6) What does the number of visitors to your blog mean?

Okay, a little transparentcy here. You love me, you really love me! I can't help it. I try to ignore it but I get worried if there seems to be a slack-off. Sad, isn't it?

7) Do you imagine what other bloggers look like?

I like a picture but I'm okay either way.

8) Do you think blogging has any real benefit?

I've been thinking about this one lately. My blogging community is another support group for me. It's like a big, old-fashioned coffee-klatch - that's why I love it when you talk back to me. We can discuss problems and find solutions with our "virtual" friends.

9) Do you think that the blogosphere is a stand alone community seperated from the real world?

Alright, I'll put some thought into this question! No. Blogs effect the media and the media effects blogs. I discuss blogs with friends usually people who also blog. I send links to people who don't blog. The answer is No.

10) Do some political blogs scare you? Do you avoid them?

I only read one and that's just because he teaches at HU. I don't have the time to read something that would just aggrevatie me.

11) Do you think criticism of your blog is useful?

No. Thanks, no. Don't read if you don't like. Unless you're my friend who has the uncanny ability to see to the heart of people, you can critize. (She knows who she is.)

12) Have you ever thought about what would happen to your blog if you died?

No. Sarah, come over and put it on a disk for Jim then delete it, okay?

13) Which blogger had the greatest impression on you?

Toughie. My close friends, of course. Someone I don't know would probably be Planet Nomad. She makes me realize how good I got it. I love Antique Mommy's writing - she should publish a book.

14) Which blogger do you think is the most similiar to you?

I'm thinking............and I got nothing. I have to say I don't know. Who do you think?

15) Name a song you want to listen to.

Just one!!?? One Night Only by Jennifer Hudson on the DreamGirls soundtrack.

Blogger makes me crazy! It lost the first thing I wrote so I've taken all morning writing this! Don't we all need this t-shirt?


The Brother said...

...can you say all that again? and yes, klatch threw me - couldn't you put that umlow, um..loow, um um..loe - you know, that word that means the dots over the vowel?

Anonymous said...

Thanx Denise! I KNEW you would participate! =) Loved your answers...and guess what...I think you are funny too! =)

Nicole said...

I love Antique Mommy too. She is really fun to read!

Tammy M. said...

I love your posts!