Friday, January 19, 2007

Variations On A Theme

  • Sit in your chair.
  • Keep your bottom in your chair.
  • We are sitting in our chairs now.
  • Where are you supposed to be?
  • Look at ______, he/she is sitting in his/her chair.
  • I need everyone sitting in their chair.
  • _____, it's time to sit in our chairs.
  • Where is your bottom supposed to be?
  • I like the way ________ is sitting in his/her chair.
  • This is our Bible Time. We sit in our chairs.
  • We stay in our chairs until everyone is done eating.
  • You stay in your chair until Mrs. Denise says for you to get up.
  • On our bottoms, on our bottoms, on our bottm in our chairs. We are right now on our bottoms, on our bottoms, in our chairs. (Sung to the tune of Oh, My Darling Clementine)


jessica said...

I love the song. I think I need to make one up about keeping hands to ourselves... for my college kids!

Anonymous said...

Too funny. Maybe someday soon you'll find the variation that actually makes them DO it. haha

Anonymous said...

You make me laugh! I'm right there with you now!

Christy said...

...Yeah...of course, I HAD to sing it!

Roxanne said...

Oh, bless your heart. . .it's not much different in 6th grade except today I actually said to a group of 11 &12 years olds, "I should NOT have to sound like a STEAM LOCOMOTIVE with all of the shhhhhshing going on to KEEP YOU QUIET!!!!!!"

Maybe I should have sung.

Sarah said...

Yes, in 2nd grade it's: "Sit Down. Stop talking. Get to your seat. I don't need to hear your voice. You aren't where you are supposed to be. There shouldn't be any talking. Sit down and raise your hand if you have a question. I need you to stop talking." Not much changes in 6 years.

Tammy M. said...

This post brought me back to my YCW days when I taught the young 2's. I think that you could apply that same thinking to staying on your rest mat, I can remember saying the following phrase, after seeing an arm flying around but not actually coming into contact with anyone elses body, but it was close, "Let's not wave our arms around and hit our friends in the face, it would make them very sad. Let's just lay still on our rest mat and let our friends sleep."

Anonymous said...

I like the one that says, "until Mrs. Denise says you can get up."

Sounds like James Brown's song, "Get up on that Funk".

Everybody, sing it with me now, "Get up on that funk.
Get your funk on. Get up on that funk."


Steve Duer said...

I suggest you learn sign language for sit so you can have a new way of doing it. Just be careful because it is similar to name. I know this because I was telling a child to sit once and she kept signing her name.

James' 1st grade class has to sit at story time with their "Spoons in their bowls" Picture sitting cross legged - that's your bowl and your spoons are your hands. I thought that was pretty good. Some had wandering spoons however and were looking for a dish to run away with.

Lauren said...

Hey, I'm sure that this one was about my sweet little one... "Look at ______, he/she is sitting in his/her chair." Am I right?