Friday, January 05, 2007

3 Questions For the Ages

Do you have a child that's just like you and does that child drive you crazy?

I do and he does.

Did you know that AISD doesn't start back until the 9th?
I didn't and it does.
Do you think that it's a law that at least one piece of Christmas isn't put away?
I do and it's hanging in my kitchen.
Edited to add: I found 2 more Christmas things! One in the bathroom and one next to the front door.


Tammy M. said...

The 9th???!!! when does ycw start. Can we do coffee on Tuesday?
In my case Christmas is still out. I have taken to this vacation thing with the kids and we have been marathoning Little House on the Prairie for days, no time to put away Christmas. My goal is sometime in the next week.

Denise W. said...

Thanks for asking, friend. YCW (my work) actually starts on the 9th also. I expect chaos on that morning.

Good Times

Sarah said...

I do and he doesn't -- but the female-father-clone does.
I did AND teachers go back on the 8th. Blech.
I do and I haven't found it yet.

Nicole said...

I do and she does. ALOT!

I do. Only because my kids told me. I'd be clueless otherwise.

Yes, and I have yet to find mine. So maybe it will be a no for this year.

BTW - Choas is expected here on the 9th also. SO much to look forward to, huh?

Anonymous said...

LOL That is too funny. Here's my answers.

#1. I do...and she does.

#2. Yes I did..but only because my daughter started 2 days ago..and I THOUGHT she started the 9th.

#3. I do...except our law is 2 things..and they are hanging in my daughters room, and in my sons room.

Nicole said...

OOPS. Found mine. Ornaments I got from kids at YCW! I knew it was too good to be true!

jessica said...

My kids went back on the 3rd... yippee! Next year they will be back at AISD though...

Dee O'Neil Andrews said...

So, what's up with the schools? Every school I've heard about in every different town around the whole U. S. got out a different time and goes back a different time. Some, including here in Picayune, have already started back, but I know several teachers other places who have been off still all week. And what's the deal with not starting on Monday? Don't schools ever meet on Mondays any more?

As for kids being like me and driving me crazy - none of mine were like me growing up, but now they all three are, but it's nice! Once they're grown they don't drive you crazy any more. Now I just enjoy them.

So hang in there. It gets better . . . just takes 25 years or so.