Thursday, November 30, 2006

Snow Day

Here's the front of the house this morning. Not that much snow but enough to stay home! Note the beautiful lights - my sweet hubby puts them up every year. Drive by - they look great!
Kenny thought "snow" meant "snowball" and proceeded to make them and throw them at Abbie. We went into the front yard at about 11:00 and the wind was sooo cold - I sent them to the back. Yes, the wind chill was 11*.

Now, to Abbie "snow" meant "snow angel." If you look closely (and squint) you can see the snow angel she made. On the concrete. Go figure.
My little snow angel.


Sarah said...

Of COURSE the angel was on the concrete -- do you see enough snow on the grass to make one there?

We had snowball drama here. Imagine.

Anonymous said...

I SO enjoyed staying home today! My kids woke up EARLY to look outside to see if it had snowed. (we told them it might the night before) Even though it was barely enough to cover the was like heaven to them! I don't know how they played outside as long as they did, that cold was brutal!! I stayed inside in my warm PJ's & watched them. What a nice, relaxing day!