Sunday, November 05, 2006


Well, in keeping with my Month of Thanksgiving -

Saturday, Nov 4 - I'm just thankful for a Saturday. They are always so laid back and easy. The kids and I went to Clyde Pizza House for Shepherding Group and got to hang with some of our favorite people.

Sunday, Nov 5 - Is it too easy to be thankful for my church? I've shared before how much I love it! I'm also thankful for the sermon this morning. Phil taught about worshipping all the time - it isn't just what we do on Sunday morning in the building!

Make my life a holy praise unto you.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the Clyde Pizza house! I grew up eating there all the time. (you know...I did grow up in Eula..and no I wasn't Yahweh)I haven't been there in a while, but it has very good pizza!

I thought todays sermon was great too. I always leave thinking Phil is great though. Its just a wonderful church all the way around, I am so glad we made the choice to place membership there.

See you Tuesday! =)

jessica said...

We love the Clyde pizza house. When the kids have a PTA program (they go to clyde ISD) we get to eat there... FUn! On weekends they supposedly have live music!