Monday, November 20, 2006

Weekend Blessings

Saturday, November 18 - Thanks to Riley for inviting Kenny to his birthday party! It was fun for Kenny to go play at the park and fun for mom to take a nap!

Sunday, November 19 - I'm thankful that Jim and I got to go with our kids to the nursing home. Due to scheduling problems, Jim and I were at a loss last night about what to do at 6:00. Both of our classes were cancelled and the kids were doing this great service project with the other Sunday night kids. We didn't want them to miss soooo, we tagged along. It was great for the little old ladies to see Southern Hills kids and it gave Jim and I the opportunity to teach our kids about kindness and caring for the elderly. You should hear those little kids sing Shout Hallelujah!


yvonne said...

I want to thank you SSOOO much for going with us. You sweet voice was just what we were missing.

Sarah said...

Did you and Jim reserve your room for later? I always like to go and "check out the facilities"! :-) So I can tell Riley and Ashley whether or not they can put me in that one! :-)