Saturday, November 18, 2006

Thankful Catch-Up

Tuesday, November 14 - I'm thankful that Kenny got to go to Safety City. It's the highlight of all 3rd graders here in Abilene and I was concerned that he might get sick. It seems that he always gets sick on his birthday or when something exciting is going on at school.

Wednesday, November 15 - I'm so thankful for my Manna and More team! They always show up and cook their little hearts out! We all have fun doing it, too. I never have to worry that that day will be dull.

Thursday, November 16 - I've said before that putting the kids down to nap at school is the hardest part of my job. It just isn't easy. Thank you, Holly, for being in there with us every time to help us take care the the toughest one. It would take us forever if you weren't there all the time.

Friday, November 17 - Thanks to Rosie who always does a great job. Rosie won't read this - she doesn't blog - but she cuts my hair. She's terrific! She's an excellent colorist, too. She has a wonderful smile and she ain't that expensive.


Anonymous said...

I love the "thankful" blogs. Its so good to be conscience of the things we are thankful for on a daily basis. Reading yours makes me want to jot mine down somewhere everyday...just to remind me of things that I am thankful for!