Monday, November 27, 2006

Molly, An American Girl

Okay, so last night I watched Molly, An American Girl on the Home Front with the kids. What a great old-fashioned movie! I want to recommend it to everyone who has kids who like to watch TV. It's based on Molly, from the American Girl books, who lives during World War II. She lives in a small town in Illinois and dreams of being "Miss Victory" for her elementary school production. She deals with jealousy, loss, making new friends, and improving her work ethic all in 90 minutes. This is a movie like we all remember watching when we got to stay home from church on Sunday night and see the Wonderful World of Disney (once in a blue moon.)

I should tell you that Kenny liked it, too. It had alot of history in it - which, of course, he liked. I couldn't convince him to check one of the American Girl books out of the library though. He commented on how "respectful" all the students were in Molly's class. They have it on sale Tuesday at Target and click here to see a teaser.


Melene said...

We watched it as well and also saw Facing the Giants over the weekend. Both are wonderful movies.