Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Celebrate Good Times, Cmon!

Here's the family with our old friends Randy Johnson and Jimmy Gann. I couldn't bring myself to make Jim wear a jacket so a tie would have to do. Jim is looking pretty dressed up for West Texas.
Jimmy and I have been friends loooong before Jim. Jim thought I was dating Jimmy when I was talking on the phone to Jim every night!

Kenny is wearing a hand-me-down jacket from Cade Allen and I think he looks great! Abbie is holding the basket she used to pass out favors and the "bracelet" that Aunt Margaret got for her. Kenny's first boutoniere, too.

Here's Abbie at the reception with Margaret. Abbie said that she looked like Cinderella. :-)

All the girls know that it's all about the dress.... It's a Bessie with no smocking and added embroidery. There's embroidery on the collar and down the placket between the buttons. The sleeves were omitted and the collar altered to be larger. It is orchid hankerchief linen that we wouldn't let her wear in the car (the wrinkles, of course.) Abbie thought it was so silly that she get dressed in the parking lot!

I'll post more soon!


Tammy M. said...

Love the pics! You looked B-E-A-U-tiful in your brown and white suit!