Wednesday, April 19, 2006

These Boots Were Made For Walking

I've been angry about the price of gas for weeks now! I've wanted to write about it but it seems so useless! Today, in Abilene, it was $2.84. This skipped right by $2.80 and kept going! I don't have enough exclaimation points!! I remember last year when everyone was worried about $1.80. It was on the front page of the paper and people were jumping on bikes!!

Now I read that the president of Iran says our oil prices aren't at their "true value." How high do they have to be, Mr. President? I realize that because I'm a woman you can't converse with me so this must be a rhetorical question!! This is driving (forgive the pun) me crazy!

Are you making any changes in your driving habits? Are you staying closer to home? Have you changed your vacation plans?


Sarah said...

I hesitate to even type this for what a creep it makes me sound, but I am considering missing my baby boy's Saturday morning baseball game b/c my job has me 20 miles south of town and I would just have to go right back. That's 40 miles ($8.61) for a little league game. Okay, now that I've done the math, if it's less than $10 maybe I can go.

YES I am changing my habits. If i left it at home, it can stay there. Even if I have time to "run across town" to do it, I'm not GONNA if I don't have to!!

I don't remember gas being below $2 in the last 2 years -- where was I? For a brief moment the week we moved to Abilene in 2001 -- yes, right after 9/11 -- gas was about $.96/ gallon. I'm not even kidding. The good ol' days!

jessica said...

We live out in the boonies and I am like Sarah...if I left it at can stay! If I don't have to be there...I just might not be! I have even resorted to staying at school all day in order to get out of driving home.

It is hard to be patient with gas prices when you see stories on the news about the head of Exxon retiring and his package is worth 41mil or something like that.

Roxanne said...

It cost $90 to fill up our truck today. . .it has two gas tanks. I have only been filling one, but found gas today for $2.79 and thought I'd hit the jackpot since the most popular price in Houston right now is $2.89. Unfortunately I live only 8 miles from my job, but due to traffic, it takes 20+ minutes to get there. We drive 15 miles to church. Tony and the kids drive 5 miles to their schools--again traffic makes the trip 15 + minutes.

We DO now buy our gas ONLY on Discover. They have a way that you can set up your card to have all of your cash back bonus rewards come from the purchase of gasoline. I have rolled about $200.00 in credits back into our Discover account. With the price of gas, we are getting about $20 worth of bonus rewards/month. It's not much. . .but it all counts.

We only use Discover for gas, so it's just like our old Shell and Chevron cards were. . .and we pay it off monthly. If you have a Discover card, it's definitely worth looking into.

SuperMom said...

CRAZY!!!!!! I don't get it. I'm trying to re-work our already very tight budget to make things work. It's sick.

My parents were planning on taking an RV to Las Vegas for a vactation next month. Mom said it would cost them more than $900 just for the gas!!! Now they may not go.

Anonymous said...

I'm more concerned about the electic bill. At least in the car I can be cool.It's all about choices. Cool at home or cool going some where. Hmmmmmm?

holly said...

I recieved an email encouraging everyone to not buy any gas from Exxon or Mobil. We have to have gas, so not buy gas just isn't an option. However Exxon and Mobil are the two largest gas companies and for the most part control the gas prices.

Denise W. said...

Sarah, the price of gas began to rise after Katrina. It was blamed for knocking out the oil rigs.

Roxanne, good thinking!

anonymous, My cost to cool the house hasn't gone up too much, yet.

Steph said...

We are thinking of vacationing at Buffalo Gap State Park! I am only half-joking!