Thursday, April 06, 2006

Reflections on Wednesday Night

1. Stand up whenever the song "Blessed Be the Name" is sung. Some of us may want to dance!

2. Baptisms are always cool. Adults and children - always cool. Justin's (the guy who got baptised) friend was cool, too. He was so happy and excited. The angels were rejoicing.

3. Kleenex should easily obtained. It's so frequently needed.

4. Pitchpipes are a necessity.

5. It's okay to drop "Fountain Free." We have hastened.

Funny moment: I see a guy who's totally in the Spirit.... He's very tall and looking up - really into it. I'm thinking "that's great and way to go" when he yawned. You just never know someone else's heart.


Sarah said...

PLEASE more kleenex and pitchpipes!! And, I am frequently "in the spirit" while completely exhausted as well. My heart is rejoicing in the kingdom, and my body has been up too long and done too much. A yawn is sometimes completely necessary.

I love HIP.

Anne Jones said...

I am sad that I missed it. Nathaniel is not very good at updating me when I am not there.

You should add one thing to your list...either the a/c turned down, or fans strategically placed around the auditorium! :)