Friday, April 14, 2006

Our Gift of Life

It's the weekend to celebrate, again, Jesus's gift of life for us! Today is Good Friday - it seems to be an oxymoron. How good is it Jesus hung on the cross? How good is it that Jesus was tortured? How good is it that Mary had to watch her son be executed? It's one of those wonderful paradoxs that humans just don't get!

1Co 1:27 but God has chosen the foolish things of the world to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the world to shame the things which are strong,

Now on to your gift of life.... Beautiful Margaret is a kidney transplant recipient. I knew her when she was living with an anonymous donor kidney. I saw the drugs that Margaret has to take, the scars she lives with, and the fear of infection that is part of her daily life. While Kenny was so sick (after his birth) Margaret's kidney began to fail. Her courageous brother, John, gave her one of his. She lives today because of his gift of life.

Consider today donating your organs and tissues after your death. You must make the decision and tell your closest family members your wishes. They can decide not to donate if you don't let them know you wish it. Check out the UNOS website to learn more about organ donation. I pray that they take all of me - or whatever is usable. I'll have a Perfect Body in heaven! So when yall come to see me at the Heavenly Gulf, I'll be perfection! Margaret will be with me there - in her angelic bikini!!


Margaret said...

This morning, Easter morning, I was thinking about how I have been 'redeemed' in so many ways, by so many people in earthly ways. Obviously by donor families who chose to donate their loved ones organs and by my brother, and by countless healthcare workers, my parents, and friends who stood beside me and supported me in prayer. And on this Easter day I am reminded that even the amazing selflessness of so many people isn't comparable to the price paid for my true redemption from sin that is my gift from God through Christ!! Denise, I remember us talking about the 'more than we can ask or imagine' idea in scripture one time when we went to Cullman to wander in the antique shops. Redemption, resurrection, life itself (and the life to come)'s all more than we can ask or imagine. I am privileged to be part of your life!! And delighted to have you as a big part of mine. Thanks for including the message of the Gift of Life through organ and tissue donation! Although you probably didn't know, April is Donate Live Awareness month, so your time couldn't have been better!

Anonymous said...

Hi Denise!

Well, I came to your blog hoping to maybe read something about Anne Jones and baby Levi. Are you all friends--outside of Dittos? I got hooked reading all of your April blogs. Glad the stitches happened AFTER the wedding!

Email me if you know anything about Anne.


P.S. I still have your missing shirt.

Lisa said...

Sign me up for the Perfect Body in Heaven club! I'll wear a bikini and take dancing lessons too. :-)