Saturday, April 08, 2006

It My Birthday Too Now!

It's my birthday weekend. I'm sorry if you only get one day but I have determined that this ole gal needs a weekend! I try to tell myself that age is only a state of mind but I'm confronted with it all the time!! One of the girls at my preschool had her birthday on Thursday so we both had a cake. I was trying to figure out her candles - there were either too many (more than 3, for 30) or too few (less than 30.) Oh, it was the right number - only it was 25!!!! 25!

I tryed to remember 25. I got myself in the right town (Forrest City, Ark,) right job (speech therapist for the Brinkly Schools,) and right apt (the only non-goverment apt in Forrest City.) I can only name one of my friends (Bobbie Harrison - Harding bud) everyone else's name has gone. I remember that I wanted my life to start. I was too dumb to realize it had. My main regret from that time is that I didn't embrace God and His dream for me. I was so busy trying to live for myself and my dreams. I sometimes wonder what I missed.

One more thing..... I got this video off of Supermom's blog and have fallen in love with the song and the video. In my eldery state, I don't listen to Top 40 so I never would have found this. Abbie commented that Kelly Clarkson was showing her belly button. Yeah, that what rock stars do. It's the people that make me smile. I would LOVE to get out of the car to dance!

Are you wondering? 44


jessica said...

Happy birthday! Enjoy your weekend. I am a leap year baby so I celebrate birthday should try it!

Anne Jones said...

Happy Birthday friend!:)

Cake...mmmmmm, sounds delicious! Did it have butter cream icing? That's my all-time fav!

Sarah said...

True, I hate the "number" of my age, but I love who I am at this age. A far better 'me' than the 25 me. I didn't know YOU at 25 -- my loss. I'm glad I know the 44 you! Happy Birthday!

SuperMom said...

Hey, we gotta find some way to stay young, right? Please tell Abbie I am in now way condoning Kelly's button baring outfit, although I wouldn't mind having a tummy like that. I made the joke to someone that the reason she's standing there shaking her booty is because she can't walk, let alone dance in those boots. All she can do is shake it!

Happy Birthday!!

Steve Duer said...

Happy Birthday!