Saturday, February 25, 2006

What Ya Wearing?

Yes, we've been watching the Olympics and loving most of it. I don't enjoy the ski jump - it's boring and the outfits are ugly. Now I love speed skating! They push each other and pass each other. It does remind me of those Church of Christ- Sunday nights at Skateland. (Did you have those in your town? All the denominations have one Sunday night to come and skate after church. Or maybe it was only 4 denominations because we went 1 time a month.) I remember the races and how cool those guys were. The outfits those speed skaters wear crack me up! My personal favorite is the Netherlands. They seem to have on full girdles with black stockings. It's too funny. The snowboarders are wearing large ski pants and jackets with stripes. Kenny said it looked like they had on their pajamas.
I could write alot about the skaters - pairs, men, ice dancing and women - and their costumes. But I decided it wouldn't be as fun without the pictures. Let's just say that somewhere, someone is trying to find some sequins and they are all gone!
Now about curling..... It's fun, too. I love the way they slide on the ice and yell at each other and the "stone." Kenny has taken to watching it in the morning before school and he yells at the stone, too. I have also noticed (apologizes to my male readers) that the curling men are usually attractive. The shirts, the pants, the concentration - it looks pretty good to me.
As you can tell, my enjoyment of an Olympic sport is based on the uniforms and how the athletes look in them.


Tammy M. said...

It seems like when the Olympics are taking place the main common denominator is that I get way too little sleep. For me it is a stretch to stay up to 10:15 to catch the next days weather (I know I can read it on the internet, but I like to hear it from a weatherman). During the Olympics it is not unusual for me to justify staying awake until 11pm which means for some tired days. But it is worth it, all the human interest stories, the joy of victory, the agony of defeat.
Now onto the clothes....I really like the spider web pattern on all the skiing events for the USA.
I was one of the few maybe that liked that women could have the option to wear pants, and I loved the bursts of sunlight on the Russian Womans Pantskating outfit for her short program. She was 27 years old, and I guess comfortable enough in her shoes (or skates) to go for it. I have so much admiration for all the competitors. I heard on the radio yesterday that most of the American athletes have little in the way of support, so they work their jobs, tend their families, and practice the sport for the love of it. That is true dedication. God bless all the wounded bodies and wounded spirits along with all the victors as they return home soon from Italy.

Sarah said...

I think the most attractive thing about the "curlers" (I'm sure they have a more manly title) is that they're holding a broom. I read where someone thinks that a very clever woman must have come up with curling -- making it a sport so that her husband would pick up the broom.

I think the spider-web looking ski outfits are cool, too -- and I'm SO glad I will never have an opportunity to put one on!

Anne Jones said...

I am not sure which country, or even which sport (speed skating I believe), but there is one team that is wearing the tight bodysuit/girdle type outfits, which is normal. The part that is interesting to me is the pattern...white with lots of red flowers...kind of like a tapestry.

Anyway, to answer your other question, Levi's middle name is Mark. That is Nathaniel's middle name so we are using it again.

Thanks for your prayers...Wednesday night my 2 options were to walk out, or pass out. I was horified at the thought of passing out in front of everyone, so when I started seeing black spots, I opted to walk out and recover in the foyer. I'll never know if I was just overheated, or if my blood pressure was high, but I am feeling better! :)