Sunday, February 05, 2006

Wecome to 1985

Last night Steve Martin and Prince were both on I had to stay up to watch it! I felt like I was back in the 80's and I remember that time well! Prince was great - just like he always was. His second song was crazy - just like he always was. Steve Martin was a terrific, too. He can do much with so little dialogue, facial expression, whatever. Even I can tell he's a great actor. Who would have thought that "wild and crazy guy" would grow up like he did?


Robyn said...

I stayed up to watch a little over half of it too--just to remember the 80's. When I was young I even had the King Tut 45 and a t-shirt that said, "One wild and crazy gal!"

Sarah said...

Robyn, I would pay big money to see a picture of you IN it -- with your poofy permed hair, I'm guessing.

Steve Duer said...

I had the who Wild & Crazy Guy album and I still can't believe my parents let me buy it.