Monday, February 13, 2006

The Flying Tomato

We love the Olympics at our house!! I am frequently trying to find a TV program that the whole family can enjoy and the Winter Olympics usually works. Abbie is not that interested so I keep pointing out the girls ice skating and their sparkly costumes. Kenny wants to luge so badly. He thinks that's the coolest sport ever!
I love The Flying Tomato - Shaun White. This guy is so cute! He loves his family and they talk about his family at every turn. He said this morning that he cried when he won because of his family. I keep talking about how cute he is and finally I had to say out loud that he's a "cute kid." Yep, I'm old enough to be his mom. Sometimes it just confronts me that I'm really THAT OLD.


Tammy M. said...

The Flying Tomato Rocks!
Now Bode on the other hand, makes me want to scream. His irkish personality doesn't bug me that much, even his tyrades about how he likes to ski a bit inebriated, I can deal with. Because I know that when someone of any kind of fame says anything like that it gets so blown out of proportion that it can't be taken to the extreme that the media has turned it into. But what makes my blood boil is that Bode seemed like he didn't really care about winning that much. All the other contendors checked out the conditions of the snow, did all their preliminary checks for the course, all but Bode. He just shows up and ski's with no prep for that day. Does he think he is too cool, doesn't really care, or what? As he is representing the USA I think that he has a bit of a responsibility to put his all into this. Not just hang out at a bar the night before, get up late and then go hang out at the slopes for a less than spectacular performance.
On a more positive note I will end this rant -
The Flying Tomato Rocks!

Sarah said...

I haven't watched enough of the Olympics -- someone please tell why he is called "The Flying Tomato". Maybe Veggie Tales will have him be Bob's cousin. . .

Denise W. said...

Girlfriend, link and see his hair! He has great air, too and a killer smile!