Monday, February 13, 2006

2nd Grade Valentines

My sweet 8-year-old said that they had to write letters to someone in class today. Everyone drew names and he got Kaitlyn.
"I like Kaitlyn." he says.
"Oh, yeah," I say, "why's that?"
"She laughs at my jokes and she has a nice smile," he says.
"That's a good reason to like someone," I say.
"I didn't tell anyone that because they will laugh at me," he says.
"Thanks for telling me. That makes me feel special," I say.

******Happy Valentine's Day********


Anne Jones said...

I love stories of children and their sweet hearts! Happy Valentines Day!

Sarah said...

I have made a lot of friends because I love to laugh -- at anything. It is a good reason to like someone! Kenny's pretty smart.

Steph said...

THat could be a hallmark commercial . . . I love hallmark comercials:)