Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I'm Still Thinking

Sorry to leave yall hanging out there but life is getting in the way. I've been busy and haven't had much to say. I know it's hard to believe.
Monday Abbie was sick(again) with what ma would call a "fever virus." We went into the doctor to hear that and make Mommy feel better.

Today I was able to attend ACU Lecureship. I attended a class on Philemon-one of 4 on chapter books in the Bible. That was one thing I learned. Mostly intended for preachers, of course, it was a little.....theologically wordy. Tammy and I went and got some out of it. One the most interesting things to me was the teacher is out of the ICOC. What used to be the Boston Movement. WOW! In Birmingham we heard alot about the Boston Movement probably because Bham is so close to Florida, where it began. I had an opportunity to speak with him after and I didn't get all the answers I wanted. He, Doug Jacoby, said they aren't as controlling as they used to be and no longer have a charismatic leader like before. They have become more atonomous.
It lead me to the questions - Who's my brother? Who will I fellowship? Who is in my circle of belief? So much talk around here is about unity. Today I was confronted with being unified with a man that may not be in my circle. Doug mentioned "core beliefs." Do we share "core beliefs?" I suppose so. Are our non-core beliefs too far apart to fellowship one another? They weren't a problem today.


Denise W. said...

Well, I messed up my hyperlink again. Sorry. I hope this works but it doesn't look like it Bummer

Sarah said...

I have LOTS to say on this subject, but time and energy level will prohibit me from fully going into all of it. However, I believe that when Jesus was asked who is our neighbor, he launched into the story of the Good Samaritan. The Samaritan didn't question the man's core or non-core beliefs before he offered to help and/or fellowship with the injured man.

I believe it to be the height of arrogance to assume that I, and only people who think like me, are the only people who know how to interpret scripture. I believe it to be the epitome of 'judgemental' when I can acknowledge a body of believers who doesn't do it precisely like me and decide that their worship is less sincere or less 'correct' (seriously, can you worship incorrectly?)

Absolutely, their is error out there -- but should I completely disassociate with someone who is in error? Should I close my eyes and ears and just be smug in the fact that I'm right and they're wrong?

As I continually humble myself before His throne, my eyes continue to be opened to people who worship at churches with all kinds of signs on the door who love Him and live for Him with the same passion (frequently more so!) than those in my same "core-belief" system.

Tammy M. said...

I wrote a long comment and just deleted it...I will shorten my comment to I do not think that any kind of belief a person has is a reason to choose to not fellowship. If they believe - cool another follower of The Way. If they don't believe - cool a chance to be a light for the Lord to them. The only time that I would choose no fellowship was if I felt like I was not strong enough to not be led down a road of temptation. That's just my thoughts on the subject.