Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Big Brother is Watching You

I read an interesting article in the January issue of Texas Monthly about our voting habits. It was generally believed that we vote for a canidate based on political or religious convictions. Maybe you vote Republican because you are against abortion or you vote Democrat because you are for gay marriage. Now the politicians are using another marketing tool - stuff you like. The title of the article tells us that what the Whole Foods shoppers are usually Dems and the Cabela's customers are Republicans.

Matching consumer preferences with voting profiles yields all sorts of interesting information. Republicans buy domestic SUVs and minivans; Democrats buy foreign ones. Rs drive Audis and GMCs and watch Fox News, and Ds drive Subarus and Volvos and watch CBS and CNN. The History and Learning Channels skew heavily R, while the Food Network is overwhelmingly D. Republicans drink dark alcoholic beverages, such as scotch and bourbon and red wine; Democrats drink white ones like gin and vodka and they prefer white wine. Dr Pepper is a Republican drink, Fantas Democratic. Camping equipment and hiking gear-which Dowd[Bush's chief strategist Matthew Dowd] points out are "noninvasive" outdoor products-tilt Democrat. Some of the data is wonderfully unpredictable, The TV show Will & Grace, for example, which centers on the lives of a gay man and a straight woman, leans heavily Republican. It's the Republican women who are watching it.

I drive a Honda minivan and Jim drives a Ford truck. I LOVE the Food Network (the kids can watch it with us) and Jim watches the History Channel whenever he can. I drink Lime Diet Cokes and Diet Dr Peppers and Jim has Lime Cokes. I watch MSNBC when I need a news fix and Jim likes Fox. I personally believe that anyone who has to say they are "fair and balanced," isn't. I have started watching Will & Grace on Lifetime at 10:00 since Jim's at work. We subscribe to Texas Monthly, too. What does that tell ya?


Sarah said...

I, myself, love Will and Grace -- especially when the kids are asleep! The Food network is skewed to Democrats? Do they rig the Pastry Challenge? I don't get it.

Tammy M. said...

What about B-52 fans, that rings democrat to me! See you are not easily labeled, good for you!

Stephanie said...

This tells me some people (the analysts?) have a hard time accepting that people can think for themselves. I don't think of myself as R or D - and it bugs me to no end when either R's or D's act like their political party is like an adopted religion, and no way no how can their politcal party be wrong. Good grief! Whew... I loved that list - gave me a chuckle. Do you have a direct link to where you found it?

PS - I drive a Subaru that was built in the USA, shop at Wal-Mart and Whole Foods, enjoy the Food Network and skip most sitcoms, and there is a stack of Cabela's catalogs and IKEA catalogs in our house... Hmmmm ;)