Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday Fun Zone

You Are an Orange Crayon

Your world is colored with offbeat, confident, and stimulating colors.
You have a personality that's downright weird - and you wouldn't change it for anything.
Loud and expressive, you voice your opinions fearlessly and strongly.
And while you have a strong personality, you can be friends with almost anyone.

Your color wheel opposite is blue. Your confidence is something blue people truly envy.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Guess What I Bought Today

As most of you know - I have no cell phone. You read that correctly - I live my life without a cell phone. You can call me - at home. You can reach me - at home. I have voice mail - at home. I have email - at home.

We had cell phones in Alabama. I had one when they were new and we needed antennas on our cars. I remember falling in love with a guy who drove a truck - his cell phone antenna didn't seem to go with his F-150. But I got used to it and even rode in that truck everywhere we went. They seem laughingly big now.

We had cell phones in Arkansas. Both Jim and I had our own and carried them around - we were long distance whenever he was at work so we used them to talk to each other. We hated paying the bill. It was that bill that got us - so much for so little. And it came every month. Bottom Line - We hated it.

When we moved to Texas, we decided we could live without a cell phone. That was 4 years ago. I started a blog (one guy thought anyone with a blog would have a cell,) people have quit their land lines, both sets of grandparents have cell phones. I'm constantly asked for my cell number - everyone assumes I have one. We don't intend to be a fanatics - maybe we're just cheap.

Yesterday And Today

Monday night in the bed: "Now, Mommy will give you a kiss and a hug at your door tomorrow. You can just go on in and sit in your chair." (Happy, Mommy voice) "I don't want you to leave me. You can stay."

Tuesday after school: "You were sad for a little while and then you were ok, right?" (Just like Mommy told you voice) "Mommy, I wasn't sad for you at all this morning. (very matter-of- fact big girl voice)

Monday, August 27, 2007

A Tale of Two Children

Finally! It came! Kenny was much more excited than Abbie. He thought holding the Traditional Sign looked more like a mug shot. He gave me a hug before we got to the door and he went in through the far door.

He reported to his proud parents that he was really going to work on his behavior this year. This is code for not talking as much in class and completing his work in a timely fashion. Good Luck with that Mrs. Biggs.

Abbie was happy to stand with her Traditional Sign. She fell over backward while trying to get into the van because her backpack put her off balance. It really wasn't that heavy. Her reward for good behavior is to eat lunch with her teacher - she's going for it! She was a little sad when I left her but I was glad she didn't hang on my leg - yup, she's done that.
That was her sad face when I had to leave her. There was madness in the room and all the kids looked like someone had dropped them on the moon. That was hard on this mama. Yes, I cried to my friends. It was a short cry. I worried about her alot. A friend called about 1:00 and assured me that she was giggling and talking to friends. I assumed my friend was telling the truth.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Question For The Weekend

Well, it's my Back-To-School Edition of the Weekend Question.
What's one of your favorite memories from Kindergarten? Or any memories from Kindergarten?

Friday, August 24, 2007

And So It Begins

We met our teachers last night. We went from one side of the school to the other. On the kindergarten hall, it was busy. There were lots of parents looking a little freaked out and children looking scared. On the fourth grade hall, there were big kids giving teachers hugs, girls ignoring boys, and cursive handwriting everywhere!

After being in Abbie's classroom (Mrs. Arnold, a friend,) where there were centers and lots of things to play with we went in to Kenny's room (Mrs. Biggs, who we've only heard good things about.) Jim's first comment, "Look at all those books." About 5 textbooks stacked in every cubby with a "Friday Folder" sticking out with the child's first and last name written in cursive. Everything was neat and orderly. It made me notice how big Kenny is and the difference in their ages (4 1/2 years.)

Kenny can't wait for Monday and Abbie is very apprehensive. She and I talked about making new friends in Kindergarten. She's so sweet - she asked me how I made friends in Kindergarten. I didn't tell her that could not remember - I went with it and tried to give her some ideas. I think she's so wonderful - why doesn't everybody want to be her friend?

Friday Fun Zone

It's already started at our house..... Check back later - I'm trying to write but I have to go to the pool!

Monday, August 20, 2007

You Learn Something New Everyday!

Things I've learned lately:

  • The water in Abilene flows north. I really don't know why and I think I may be showing how girly I am by even admitting it.
  • Boiled water has floatees on top. I poured it out when the notice was lifted.
  • Where Elm creek crosses South 1st.
  • We use the terms "Big" and "Little," rather than names, to protect confidentiality.
  • To make sure that sprinkler is turned off when we've had 8 inches of rain.
  • That you can simply turn the TV back on when the lightening makes it go out.
  • High School Musical 2 has some good songs.
  • Troy Bolton moves are a little too se*y for my 5-year-old daughter.
  • The city of Abilene has enough water for now. Birmingham is in a drought.
  • College Freshmen love going to Target with their parents before the parents leave.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Question For The Weekend

In catching up on my blog reading this week, I saw a question on Mike Cope's blog I thought interesting. I need yall's answers!

What is/was the best TV comedy ever? What about the best Movie comedy?

Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday Fun Zone

No video this week but I read something funny. Yall know I love BooMama and her post on the Republican candidates made me laugh out loud.

Go get some fun!

Welcome To The 21st Century

Is it really 2007?! Because I'm boiling my water and that seems more 1907! I had never heard of anyone boiling their drinking water until I moved to West Texas. Occasionally on the news some outlying town has to boil their water and I usually think how archaic that is. But now it's the city of Abilene. It's me! With a pot on the stove and a pitcher of water in the frig that has been boiled.

I can't believe I just wrote that. Did I move to Central America or Africa and no one told me?

We always drink bottled water. I've never liked the taste of Abilene water so we buy a gallon at a time for 25 cents. I personally drink 64 oz (or more) a day add we use about 6 gallons a week. It usually isn't a big deal for our family - but I hate to pay for water for my coffeemaker. Or for brushing our teeth (I forgot last night and used tap water.) Or washing our veggies. It all feels very backward and pioneer.

I couldn't help thinking of all the students moving to town this week. They already think this is the most boring town ever. Now they are going to think we barely have shoes and all ride our horses to work. (I welcome the chance to de-bunk any of these myths.)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Sad Tale

Hey yall! When I was a little girl, I just knew I'd be a mama! It's always been a given with me, ya know? I knew I wanted a career first but being a mama was always in the plan. So I worked hard (and partied hard, too) and made myself a success! I danced and sang until I late so it wasn't unusual for me to need a little something to fall asleep

When the time was right, I decided I was ready to be a mommy. I was dating this guy who was so cute. He already had a little girl and I loved being her mommy! We would go shopping together and go play at the theme park. She was so good she didn't mind having her picture made with me (I really hope she's doing good now - I haven't had much time with her lately.....) so when we got married it seemed naturally to have a baby really quick! Ya know? Then we has another - two boys - I was so done after that!

Well, after that birth of our second baby, we got kinda tired of each other, ya know? Things just didn't work out with us - that's just the way it, yall.

Now their daddy thinks he should have them all the time! I'm their mama, yall! I gave birth to them! Heaven knows, my body shows it! I know I've made mistakes, but I'm the mama!

Sad, isn't it? Somebody tell this woman (she isn't a girl anymore) to cowboy up! Take responsibility for her life and children! Oh, how many girls still look up to her? Please, Britney, grow up!

I'm Dead Yet - I'm Actually Feeling Much Better

As some of you know by now, I have a new job. I'm working at Big Brothers/Big Sisters part-time and I started yesterday. After being there for 4 hours, I picked up the kids and we went to the pool! I have to get the last of those pool hours in!

Everyone has asked how that first day was..... It was your basic first day. Employee manual, where to park, where's the refrigerator, a new password, etc. I'm looking forward to interacting with the kids and learning the new computer program.

In the meantime:

Go over to Steve's blog to read some interesting stuff about baptism and our kids...

Lisa has a couple of interesting memes over there....

I love what Trina has written about her parent's 50th.....

Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Question For The Weekend

The Summer of 07 is almost over!! Now we are all thinking of the things we meant to do this summer but just didn't get to......
What did you want to do this summer that you just didn't do? For whatever reason....

Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday Fun Zone

This is our future, yall. My kids are already singing this song and I see the dance moves all around the house.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A Marketer's Dream

I always forget those cute things my daughter says. She's at that age when it could be anything - Jim and I usually look at each other and grin.

This morning she was watching TV when a commercial with 2 turtles were sitting on a hotel bed, talking. You know, turtles do that alot.....

"I like commercials with talking animals." That' why they make them, sweetie.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I Did My Duty

Well, I really wanted the jury experience and now I've had it. Yes, I could have easily gotten an exemption (children under 10 needing childcare) but I never thought they would choose me! I thought wrong.

I was chosen for a Family Violence case and spent the day in court yesterday. I have since been told that if you're in the front row - you're in. FYI: tell the lawyers you can't be impartial if you want to go home. I lucked out because they were empaneling for a murder trial. That would have been too hard to do.

I won't put any info on the case on the World Wide Web. I'm happy I got my chance to serve. Now how long until I get another green card in the mail?

Isn't This Guy In A Geico Commercial?

I couldn't pass that up... Here's his real story.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

A Question For The Weekend

I still have lots of questions running around in my crazy brain. I love reading yall's answers! I did not know my teenage friend cleaned toilets on the Harding campus! I'm sure you weren't paid accordingly.... Or that Milk Duds were anybody's favorite...... Or how many of you are not tree-huggers....
I do so many book reviews and I was wondering.....
What's the last book you read? Was it good?

Friday, August 03, 2007

Challenge Catch-up

I've been reading for my Dystopia Challenge and I finished two of the books. The Giver by Lois Lowery is really a juvenile book - so I finished it in a day. It's set in a future when the community is valued over the individual. When all feelings are in the open and children are created in lab. The society is highly structured and everyone has a place and a placement.

The story is about a boy who is chosen to be the "Receiver" of the memories of the distant past. A past that included choice, color, war, snow, pain - everything we associate with our existence. The boy is overwhelmed with the all the information and decides that the memories must be shared with the community. He also can't bear that people are "released" - when he discovers what "released" means. Death - even heartless killing. It was a hard ending. I can see the value of reading it with young people.

My next read for this challenge was Where Late The Sweet Birds Sang by Kate Wilhelm. I was drawn to this book because it explores a society of clones and what happens when an accidentally individual occurs. I didn't realize until I got it that it was published in 1976 - long before Dolly, the cloned sheep. It begins with the story of the need for cloning (Earth dying, people unable to reproduce) and then jumps to years later when the clones are in charge and believe their society is the way to go. Again, the community is placed above the individual and one person turns everything upside down. I liked this ending better but it was still sad.
You can see all the other books and reviews at this site. I still have one more to go - Brave New World. I had to take a break because I was still with the clones so I'm attempting Jane Austin. Wish me luck....

Friday Fun Zone

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Our Civil Duty

Weird thing at our house.

Jim had Jury Duty on Monday. He had to be at the courthouse early and then sit for about 1 hour. Then they told him to go home and come back on Tuesday. Apparently the wheels of justice didn't need Jim on Monday. On Tuesday, he stood in the hallway for another hour, the bailiff then came out and told all the "jurors" that court was in a 20 minute recess. They hadn't realized court was in session. After another hour, they were sent home. Thank you for your public service.

Guess who has jury duty next Monday? Yep. Me.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Ever since I (quickly, I was reading Harry Potter) asked yall for your favorite blogs, I've been meaning to add some links. I've been meaning to update my links on the right.

I haven't. I may not. I can't decide.

But here's the links for some of your favorites.

Confessions of A Pioneer Woman - This lady is wonderful! Anne led me to her and I love to read her daily (she publishes almost daily.) She has great photography and funny writing. She has a huge readership so I don't generally comment but I enjoy her storytelling. She also has a cooking blog where she post recipes with pictures of her cooking - looks tasty!

BooMama - Melissa B put BooMama in my comments section and I have to admit I read her alot, too. She's very Southern and lives in Birmingham so I love it when she mentions anything to do with my hometown! She, too, publishes almost daily so I have to work to keep up.

BigMama - This one was listed by Melissa B, too. I don't read her but she seems to have a large following. I was reading her this morning and she's funny, too. Texan, too.

Quiet Life - This was listed by Melene. I'm pretty sure this is her blog (Melene let me know if it isn't.)

If you have another fav, put it in the comments. It may make it to the main page.....