Friday, August 24, 2007

And So It Begins

We met our teachers last night. We went from one side of the school to the other. On the kindergarten hall, it was busy. There were lots of parents looking a little freaked out and children looking scared. On the fourth grade hall, there were big kids giving teachers hugs, girls ignoring boys, and cursive handwriting everywhere!

After being in Abbie's classroom (Mrs. Arnold, a friend,) where there were centers and lots of things to play with we went in to Kenny's room (Mrs. Biggs, who we've only heard good things about.) Jim's first comment, "Look at all those books." About 5 textbooks stacked in every cubby with a "Friday Folder" sticking out with the child's first and last name written in cursive. Everything was neat and orderly. It made me notice how big Kenny is and the difference in their ages (4 1/2 years.)

Kenny can't wait for Monday and Abbie is very apprehensive. She and I talked about making new friends in Kindergarten. She's so sweet - she asked me how I made friends in Kindergarten. I didn't tell her that could not remember - I went with it and tried to give her some ideas. I think she's so wonderful - why doesn't everybody want to be her friend?


Terral said...

I have a son Colton that is in 3rd grade. I can remember when he was in 1st grade, and there was a bully that was really bothering him. It was about 3 days of tears in the evening. It drove me crazy. In 2nd grade, they became good friends. You just want to protect every little step.
Good luck with the friend making!

Lisa said...

We just survived our first week of school! Thankfully, everyone seems to think they're going to have a good year. Becca even survived her first week of college, complete with a quiz in Latin. She stops by my office after chapel each day. I think I see her more now than I did her senior year of high school. :-)

Abbie in kindergarten! Hard to believe! I bet she's going to absolutely love school and be the belle of the ball from Day One!

Anthony Parker said...

We're sort of in the opposite position -- our kindegartner is ready to go, and our 4th grader isn't so sure -- I think it has something to do with the bully. I hope they can become friends; I hate to think what else must be going on in that kid's life to make him act that way.

As for those parents who look a little freaked out -- I don't get it. Some of these parents seem traumatized by the fact that their kids are growing up, but that's what I want for mine.