Monday, August 27, 2007

A Tale of Two Children

Finally! It came! Kenny was much more excited than Abbie. He thought holding the Traditional Sign looked more like a mug shot. He gave me a hug before we got to the door and he went in through the far door.

He reported to his proud parents that he was really going to work on his behavior this year. This is code for not talking as much in class and completing his work in a timely fashion. Good Luck with that Mrs. Biggs.

Abbie was happy to stand with her Traditional Sign. She fell over backward while trying to get into the van because her backpack put her off balance. It really wasn't that heavy. Her reward for good behavior is to eat lunch with her teacher - she's going for it! She was a little sad when I left her but I was glad she didn't hang on my leg - yup, she's done that.
That was her sad face when I had to leave her. There was madness in the room and all the kids looked like someone had dropped them on the moon. That was hard on this mama. Yes, I cried to my friends. It was a short cry. I worried about her alot. A friend called about 1:00 and assured me that she was giggling and talking to friends. I assumed my friend was telling the truth.


Erica said...

Glad to hear that you both made it through the first day:) I am sure that she will be all smiles and wanting you to drop her at the far door before you know it. You are in our prayers:)

Tammy M. said...

So glad to see the pics. Hope you had a great day yesterday, I am glad you are making some cash at your job, but it is certainly cramping my call Denise in the morning style.

Melene said...

Those signs for the first day of school picture are such a great idea!
I hope every day is better and better for both of them. And you! The day both of mine were in school all day was harder than sending my first born to Kindergarten.