Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Ever since I (quickly, I was reading Harry Potter) asked yall for your favorite blogs, I've been meaning to add some links. I've been meaning to update my links on the right.

I haven't. I may not. I can't decide.

But here's the links for some of your favorites.

Confessions of A Pioneer Woman - This lady is wonderful! Anne led me to her and I love to read her daily (she publishes almost daily.) She has great photography and funny writing. She has a huge readership so I don't generally comment but I enjoy her storytelling. She also has a cooking blog where she post recipes with pictures of her cooking - looks tasty!

BooMama - Melissa B put BooMama in my comments section and I have to admit I read her alot, too. She's very Southern and lives in Birmingham so I love it when she mentions anything to do with my hometown! She, too, publishes almost daily so I have to work to keep up.

BigMama - This one was listed by Melissa B, too. I don't read her but she seems to have a large following. I was reading her this morning and she's funny, too. Texan, too.

Quiet Life - This was listed by Melene. I'm pretty sure this is her blog (Melene let me know if it isn't.)

If you have another fav, put it in the comments. It may make it to the main page.....


Melene said...

I read all of those, too and yes, you have the right one for Quiet Life.

You were right abou the mammogram. I'm going to post about it now.

Donna Boucher said...

Thank you for thinking of me :o)

Lisa said...

You have to include Mark Elrod.