Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Sad Tale

Hey yall! When I was a little girl, I just knew I'd be a mama! It's always been a given with me, ya know? I knew I wanted a career first but being a mama was always in the plan. So I worked hard (and partied hard, too) and made myself a success! I danced and sang until I late so it wasn't unusual for me to need a little something to fall asleep

When the time was right, I decided I was ready to be a mommy. I was dating this guy who was so cute. He already had a little girl and I loved being her mommy! We would go shopping together and go play at the theme park. She was so good she didn't mind having her picture made with me (I really hope she's doing good now - I haven't had much time with her lately.....) so when we got married it seemed naturally to have a baby really quick! Ya know? Then we has another - two boys - I was so done after that!

Well, after that birth of our second baby, we got kinda tired of each other, ya know? Things just didn't work out with us - that's just the way it, yall.

Now their daddy thinks he should have them all the time! I'm their mama, yall! I gave birth to them! Heaven knows, my body shows it! I know I've made mistakes, but I'm the mama!

Sad, isn't it? Somebody tell this woman (she isn't a girl anymore) to cowboy up! Take responsibility for her life and children! Oh, how many girls still look up to her? Please, Britney, grow up!