Friday, August 17, 2007

Welcome To The 21st Century

Is it really 2007?! Because I'm boiling my water and that seems more 1907! I had never heard of anyone boiling their drinking water until I moved to West Texas. Occasionally on the news some outlying town has to boil their water and I usually think how archaic that is. But now it's the city of Abilene. It's me! With a pot on the stove and a pitcher of water in the frig that has been boiled.

I can't believe I just wrote that. Did I move to Central America or Africa and no one told me?

We always drink bottled water. I've never liked the taste of Abilene water so we buy a gallon at a time for 25 cents. I personally drink 64 oz (or more) a day add we use about 6 gallons a week. It usually isn't a big deal for our family - but I hate to pay for water for my coffeemaker. Or for brushing our teeth (I forgot last night and used tap water.) Or washing our veggies. It all feels very backward and pioneer.

I couldn't help thinking of all the students moving to town this week. They already think this is the most boring town ever. Now they are going to think we barely have shoes and all ride our horses to work. (I welcome the chance to de-bunk any of these myths.)


Anne said...

It also makes me think how much I need to have that "emergency box" stocked with supplies in case of an emergency.

I haven't boiled water since Levi was about 5 months old. Silly me used to boil it for all of his bottles! You would think since he isn't our first, we would have 'grown out' of that, but I didn't.

I may need to ride into town and buy some bottled water this afternoon...any ideas for carrying it all home on the horse?

Tammy M. said...

I am with you about drinking tap water. Derek asked me if he needed to boil his hands after washing his hands in tap water before he used his fingers to put food into his mouth. I told him that it might be easier to just use a fork. He is ten what can I say.

Unknown said...

AND... Did you know that Starbucks was CLOSED today because of the boil water thing?!!! (As were a few other, less significant dining facilities like Chili's, Dixie Pig, etc.)