Wednesday, April 25, 2007

WATS Day 2007

WATS Day is coming up on Sunday! We are going to go out into our community and be a sermon to our neighbors. Are you ready?! WooHoo! Jim and our family went to look at the house we'll be working on last night and it needs some work. We will definitely be working. We will not be playing, people. Wear your Git Er Done clothes..... They had a dog and 2 cats so Abbie was thrilled to be there! That girl will pet any animal someone puts in front of her!

I'm hoping to sing on Sunday night at our evening Celebration Gathering - after seeing that house I may still be working. I'm including this video - it's a song we'll be singing on Sunday night. Sam (our worship intern) has written our arrangement so our "ooooos" are a little different but it's a wonderful song. May it be stuck in your head all day!


Sarah said...

It's a beautiful song! I'm on my way to my walk and will be singing it the whole time -- my chains are gone, thank-a-loo-ya!

Still waiting to be contacted by the WATS team working on my house...! ;-)

soul and culture said...

and WATS stands for...???