Wednesday, April 11, 2007

One More Down

Yep, it was my birthday. I tried to find some funny picture but nothing was appealing to me. When I googled, "old lady," she was 87 years old. Or she was a biker chick. I'm not quite there yet. Then there was the standard "birthday cake" - it didn't work for me either. So I didn't post and just went out to eat instead. There was delicious Carino's the night of my birthday and Jim took me for Abuleo's last night. It was really good, too.

Tomorrow is the last official day of my birthday celebration. I'm going to Ft. Worth to get 25% off at the fabric store (for my birthday.) It will be well worth the trip cause I love me some fabric!

Me: Jim got me a MP-3 player for my birthday.
MawMaw: What's that?
Me: An I-Pod.
MawMaw: What's an I-Pod?
Me: It's a thing you can download music into.
MawMaw: Oh.

I leave you thinking on this: what will Abbie be trying to explain to me in 40 years?


Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Denise! I'm jealous about your i-pod. I want one!!! WHAAAA!

Erica said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you had a wonderful one. Enjoy your fun at the fabric store tomorrow...I am jealous that you are going to be near my old neck of the woods.

Tia said...

Have fun tomorrow. At least I don't have to change diapers.

And did you notice, I finally got a blog set up?? Woo hoo!

jessica said...

Happy, happy birthday!

Steph said...

Happy Birthday! Pick out some pretty fabric and eat somewhere really yummy!

Dee Anne McCrary said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you have fun fabric shopping!

It was great to see y'all a couple of months ago...we'd love for y'all to pass through our way (and stop!) one of these days!

Hope your day is ya, Dee

Nise' said...

Happy Birthday!

Stephanie said...

Happy belated birthday! And yay for an iPod!
And you have a good question, what will be the strange new thing 40 years from now that our kids will be using everyday while we old skoolrs wave their silly inventions off like a nonsense? :)

Tammy said...

Coming back to visit...and to wish you a Happy Birthday!!! :)

I still don't have an ipod...if I'm behind the times now, I dread how far behind I'll be in 40 years! :)