Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Little Known Facts

How cool is this? My blog is worth $6209.94! Now if I could sell it and use that money to pay off my credit card, I'm sure I'd get the Dave Ramsey award!

Lisa finished reading her first Spring Reading Thing book. CS Lewis wrote sci-fi? Maybe I should read one of his one of these days.

I finished Walk in the Woods. Yoohoo! I'll leave you with this quote from the author, Bill Bryson. (Liked the book, by the way. This guy writes funny.)

I had come to realize that I didn't have any feelings towards the AT that
weren't confused and contradictory. I was weary of the trail, but still
strangely in its thrall; found the endless slog tedious but irresistible;
grew tired if the boundless woods but admired their boundlessness; enjoyed
the escape from civilization and ached for its comforts. I wanted to quit
and to do this forever, sleep in a bed and in a tent, see what was over the next
hill and never see a hill again. All of this at once, every moment, on the
trail or off.


nathaniel said...

I recommend the CS Lewis Space Trilogy. Don't expect a run-of-the-mill SciFi story however, or you will be confused and disappointed.

Lisa said...

If you like Bill Bryson, read "The Mother Tongue." He has a whole chapter on the history of profanity. Gotta love it.

Tammy M. said...

My blog is worth 0.00. I don't know if I am doing it wrong or if I am worth nothing. That reminds me of Pretty Woman when she is in the balcony to see her first opera and she is holding the binoculars, and she can't get them to work. "These don't work, mine don't work."

Tammy M. said...

The movie originally that came to mind was Mr. Mom and Sarah's rendition of the carpooling to school scene. "Hello Jack. I am Annette and you're doing it wrong." But then I switch gears to the binoculars, both scenes make me laugh, I especially like it when Sarah immitates Annette.

Sarah said...

Tammy just made me laugh when I needed it most: "Hi, Jack, I'm Annette. You're doing it wrong." Oh, that fits so many places, doesn't it?