Monday, April 23, 2007

Coffee Group On The Road!

Yep, The Coffee Group has returned from our Central Texas tour! I saw things I ain't never seen before! There was a large prison where the baddies are housed and the women's prison was next door. Did you know that women prisoners wear capris? Yes, they are white and match their shirts. Yes, we saw them walking around a square the size of two tennis courts in them. Wouldn't that be boring to do all day? Walk. Turn. Walk. Turn. Etc. It made me feel sad for those ladies.

We also drove past Ft. Hood! We saw Army guys out with their tents and their weapons. They seemed to be doing some kind of training. Judy (I Almost Had a Blog Once) wanted to jump out and get our pictures made with them. I think we all wanted to but we were afraid of what they would do if we just "jumped out." They did look pre-occupied.

The retreat was very nice. The site and facilities were good and the ladies appeared interested (for the most part.) We had good questions at the end which made me think that someone was listening. We prayed for them that the Lord would lead them where He wanted them. Sweet women. They also had a Sweet/Salty Snack Contest and we got to eat all different kinds of snacks. Nice. The Coffee Group did what we do best - laughed and laughed. Thanks for praying for us while we were gone. I can't wait to do it again!


Tammy M. said...

How much fun could we have possibly crammed into a weekend? We had fun, and I am blessed to have such great friends to laugh with.

Tia said...

tell judy that she can have her pic made with mike once he is home. i am glad y'all had a great weekend.