Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Growing Older

Okay, so it's Tuesday and, I'm pretty sure, it's the last day of my birthday celebration. Who knew? I was pretty sure after my trip to Ft. Worth on Thursday - I'd have to call it over. But no. I had a pedicure appointment with the lady who does fantastic nail art on Friday. Now, I had scheduled it over a month ago but I felt that that expense should be called "birthday." (My toes are so cute and I'm scheduled again in 6 weeks.)

Then when I got to school today - it was birthday luncheon day! I had a free lunch and a bag of gifts! Sweet. But it's over now, right? I'm officially ____. No more partying - just reality.


My baby getting older, too. She lost her first tooth last Thursday. She swallowed it while eating lunch at school. I have to say I almost cried that she didn't have it. So when she came yesterday with another one - I had to pull it. I'm super queasy about teeth (it's true, Tammy) but I've found a way to pull them. It came right out and now it's under her pillow waiting for the Tooth Fairy.
Sorry, this picture is from Monday so only 1 tooth is gone. She's much cuter than this, too.


Sarah said...

I can't believe she's losing teeth! I can't do teeth -- at all. Blech...

Maury Draper said...

Noah just lost his first tooth a couple of months ago, and now is about to lose his second. I think I was excited as he was, so I would have been really disappointed if he had swallowed it! So, will she get double the money for this one?

Glad to see you posting pics of her...I just remember her being a baby before you moved, I forget she has grown as fast as mine....when was she born? I can't remember if she is Noah or Leah's age.