Saturday, April 28, 2007


WATS - We Are The Sermon Day! Amy asked me what WATS stood for and there you are. It's our chance to get out into Abilene and be a sermon. Instead of one man talking from the pulpit, it's hundreds of members working all over town. We been doing this for 3(?) years now and my family looks forward to it every year. Last year our team (which is mainly our Shepherding Group with friends added) worked at 2 houses. This year we will be at one house scrapping and painting. We are helping out a widower with 2 grown daughters and a grandson (I'm pretty sure) living with him. Things have gotten out of hand for this elderly gentleman.

Last year was great. Our kids (all of them in our group) loved working for these people. Of course, our kids don't understand why anyone would live without taking out their trash but they worked without comment. We did talk to Kenny and Abbie about civic responsibility and that not everyone has the same kind of upbringing that they do. It's eye-opening for them.

If you're on our team this year, wear closed toe shoes and try to bring some gloves. Maybe even some to throw out when we're done. (Target Dollar Spot) Another video for you that we will be singing on Sunday night - I don't think we'll be this rocking.....