Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Mama, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Tacky

Ahhh, the chicken story. I think that mama's have a responiblity to teach their children manners. Yes, even boys need to learn how to act in public. I taught one old boyfriend to cut his meat - he held the fork like he was jabbing the meat. It was sooo unattractive. I'm thinking he learned something from our time together.

So, we had the college kids over to our house on Sunday night for their weekly devo. I know a couple of the kids and it just seemed like the right thing to do. It did allow me to talk to the kids about how our house is just one more thing that God has entrusted to us. I made dessert pizza and lemonade. Very low-key.

During the serving of the homemade dessert, one guy asked for a fork. There were forks on the table (of course) but for some reason he needed one from the drawer. He proceeded to open a can of chicken and pour it into a plastic cup. This was taking place next to me so I questioned him regarding the gross chicken. He offered no apology why he would come into my home and not partake of my homemade dessert. Or that he would bring his own food. He gave no explanation of his (I guessed) health issues. Where I come from we call this no "home trainin." Apparently this is a normal occurrence for this guy - he even does this in Bible Class. That's just wrong....


Anthony Parker said...

I'm finally getting caught up on reading blog posts. I love yours--you make me laugh. Kids' manners certainly have changed. I was a pretty picky eater growing up, but once I got out of my momma's house I knew better than to tell a hostess, "I don't eat that." And I actually learned to enjoy a lot of new foods. (Maybe too much.)

We also enjoyed "Cars." I thought it was great, but I still don't get Nascar.

Nicole said...

That is BIZARRE! Could he not wait until he got home to open up the canned chicken? That stuff stinks the house up. Nice mixture. Dessert Pizza and canned chicken......mmmmmm.......I can smell it now! Yummy!