Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A Book, A Wedding and Some Cars

Sorry I haven't written is sooo long but life is moving faster than I am! I have finished the book, Better Off Flipping the Switch on Technology. It was interesting. One of the author's main ideas is that our technology doesn't make our lives easier. We become slaves to the technology. The cost of it, the upkeep, the time it uses (as I sit at a computer and write it anyone who will read.) He also wrote about the fact that we have to run, walk, work out, to get the physical reward that plugging in takes away. It doesn't come from working outside so we have to use our "leisure" time to exercise. Some of us just get fat - he wrote about that, too. One of the most interesting observations (he thought) was the ability to think and converse while doing physical labor. He and his wife were in a small Amish community and the neighbors were share work. There were often times to think and share ideas while working on the farm.

Interesting, huh? Pretty good non-fiction read. Now on to a fiction!

I also worked a wedding this weekend. There was plenty of bare skin but no tattoos. The weirdest thing (ok, one weird thing) were the carbon copy bridesmaids. They almost matched physically. There was one poor girl who didn't get the message about her toenails. Her's were red and everyone else's were French tip. HORROR!!! Do you think it showed in the pictures??!! Robot bridesmaids, scary.
The other particularly interesting (for my readers) was the groom's cake. It was a huge red and brown tomahawk - or so I thought. The lady putting the greenery around it told me was an axe. She says "They're lumberjacks." Oh, well that explains everything I wanted to say. The bride and groom didn't look like lumberjacks to me but what do I know. After staring at her for an entire minute she told me they went to Stephen Austin State University and that makes them lumberjacks. Finally I got it.
Last night we went to see Cars. Yes, we're the last people you know to see the movie. We loved it. It was funny and I may finally "get" Nascar. I knew it was about waiting for a wreck but it seems there's something about the passing, too. One friend told us she was a little bored toward the end but we spent so much time going to the bathroom that it was broken up for us a little. Kenny, four times and Abbie, three - Jim counted.


Tammy M. said...

Glad to read about you and all that has been going on. We missed you at the pool today, it was us and 2 other families, a total of 13 people at the pool, we got there at 11am and left about 12:30, my kids were bored and we forgot the sunblock so we didn't stay long. It was nice to sit out in the sun and read a bit.

Sarah said...

I MISS THE POOL, TOO!!! But I'm having a great time where I am -- AND I brought "InMemory Of Running" -- a recommendation from the book blog. I'm enjoying it -- except it's one of those that is just as depressing as real life. "flipping the switch on technology" sounds really interesting. Now I'm going to quit blogging so that I can use the rest of my leisure time working out!

adbearde said...

No Chicken story?? I have been checking hourly just waiting on it! ;-)