Saturday, June 03, 2006

Going to the Chapel

Yet another wedding:

This one was at 11:30 so you know everybody had to be there super early. I don't even know what time the florist got there. I guess she was happy to be able to do another wedding in the afternoon - I know that the photographer shot another wedding later. They had a hairdresser there doing hair at 7:30 AM. The bride and groom saw each other in "private" before the ceremony - no pictures, nothing. They weren't in there that long so maybe it wasn't too gross. Lots of live music which means lots of microphones, a long receiving line which means lots of people complaining, and a tent outside that means someone had to wait around for the tent guys to come pick it up! One tatoo, on a bridesmaid's ankle.

It was a beautiful wedding. They were very much in love and very committed to each other. I think the vows stuck. The preacher, J Wayne Kilpatrick, said when he tied a knot it stayed tied. It's lasted 11 years so far! Happy anniversary, sweetie.


Nicole said...

Denise!!! Congrats on the 11 years. Glen and I just had our 10th. You beat us by a year!

soul and culture said...

Your obsession ferreting out the tattoos on the wedding party makes me laugh. For the record, if your bridesmaid dresses had had exposed shoulders there would have been 2 visible tattoos - although one might have been covered up with makeup or a bandaid!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Denise!! 11 years & counting...that's awesome! So do you feel like a pro yet at the whole marriage thing? Any great tips to share?? =)

Anne Jones said...

First...congrats on your wedding anniversary! Many blessings on the years ahead!

Second...I am really excited about the new class. Nathaniel and I talked about it over lunch...the whole book by "Blair" thing is so funny! Can't wait to see what is in store for us this summer.

And lastly, if you were really serious, Nathaniel and I are in for the sale in a couple of weeks. Just let me know if it is for sure... :)

Tammy M. said...

Congrats from me also.
Nicole you look too young to be married for 10 years!

Denise you are a fabulous friend and I just don't know what my days would be without you toilet papering my baby tree in my front yard atleast once a month.

Steph said...

Very clever and very sweet! Congrats on your anniversary!