Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wesnesday Wanderings

I'm at my computer with a cup of coffee and all is right with the world. I usually like to be here earlier but I had to make the bed, eat breakfast, start the laundry, etc.

I finished reading The Thirteenth Tale and loved it! A work of fiction based on a writer of novels. It had me hooked early and I didn't guess the ending until I got there! That doesn't happen so often (I'm sure Jim would have figured it out. He always gets the ending of a show) so it was surprising. Oh, how I love a good story. On TV or in a book, I just want to come back for more.

Speaking of good stories: Lost is on tonight. I like that story - I know it's driving some people crazy but it has become a book that I can put down. I'm always happy when I pick it up again. Now, 24 is like a book that someone takes from me and keeps for 7 days then lets me read just a small part of until they take it back.

In the interest of full disclosure: I am reading A Walk in the Woods but I'm also reading the Texas Monthly that came in the mail yesterday. I am also going to be doing some sewing so I need a book that will be ready for me when I need to read but easy to put down when I need to sew (compare with the show Boston Legal.) So it will take me awhile to finish and I wanna spend the big bucks and get Traveling Mercies. That book seems to be calling me.

I really want to write about kooks in our churches but I haven't the time. Maybe next time.....


soul and culture said...

Loved Traveling Mercies. Not that I keep up with these things, but her latest book comes out next month. The reviews say that she has softened on George W. since her last one (Plan B). Whew.

Please write about the kooks.

Aside: Last week when I was in Nashville, I was talking to a friend of William and Angela's who seemed familiar. Sheridyn Breedlove's sister. Small world.