Monday, February 12, 2007

Sunday Stuff

One of the bonuses of singing on the Praise Team is standing on the stage. I get to see sooooo much. Sometimes it's funny and sometimes it's just sweet. Yesterday wasn't any different.

I saw a couple sitting in the back of the building next to each other. Not too strange, right? He has recently stopped their divorce proceedings and she has prayed though this difficult time. It was so wonderful to me to see them sitting next to each other with their kids there, too. I don't know what's going to happen with this family but I saw God working in their marriage yesterday.

I saw a 78-year-old whose wife lives in a nursing home with his head bowed and hands raised. We were singing "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross." I thought of his life that has been devoted to God. Of his move here away from all his old friends. I thought of his wife and how much he wanted her there with him.

I saw one grandpa holding his grandson. Then I saw that Grandma had gotten the baby. She was snuggling him like he was the best thing ever. It was so sweet. I saw that their daughter is getting a little tummy - she's having another.

These are the stories I know. Imagine how many more there were in that audience. Stories of faith and love. Stories of forgiveness and hope. It's makes the rehearsals and the early mornings worthwhile.

Oh yeah, I saw yall grinning at me, too. It's always so fun to see the smiles on yall's faces.


Sarah said...

I LOVED yesterday for SO many reasons, but I told Troy when we sang "The Old Rugged Cross" that the tiny little old deaf widower gentleman that I used to interpret church services for would just weep during that song. He's now in heaven with his wife. It made me think of him and smile.

Denise W said...

Of course, NOTHING could top Phil in camo. Except the Holy Spirit...

Steve said...

Pretty cool. I was the "pops" who had to fight off "Mimi". What a great perspective of worship. It really is about us living out our stories in community. And yes Julie is pregnant. God is good.

Tammy M. said...

We sang some awesome old songs yesterday. The Old Rugged Cross reminded me of my Nana, and I imagine down the row it made my Gran cry, it was one of her favorite songs.
Phil in camo....what more needs to be said.