Friday, February 16, 2007

Just Checking In

It's been a week here. Nothing too exciting - just a week.

  • Yeah, I'm still alive, Tammy. She just wanted to make sure.
  • Valentine's Day came and went. We didn't make great pancakes, cards or anything else. The kids made valentines for their friends and I had a party at school. Does this make us bad people? Jim and I are going out tonight to celebrate. Or to have dinner without the children. Whichever works. (Having said that, I hope no one comes in and steals my computer. It has lots of important stuff on it.)
  • Someone asked if I got any great stuff from my kids at school - well. It was sweet. And, no, I didn't send anything to school for their teachers. Abbie's teachers both got a piece of gum and a tattoo (that I'm sure is still on them!) Kenny's teacher got to live though the day without asking Kenny to "pull a card." That's enough - trust me.
  • I was excited to get asked to sing on Praise Team on Wednesday night. I had finally been called up to the "Show!" I got there early, I had on appropriate clothing (you have to ask in person if you want more info) - I was ready! They didn't need me unless I was willing to sing soprano. Ewww. Now, when that one song went south, into the basement, I could have sung soprano but that was the only song. Back to the Minors.
  • Interesting that I would call Sunday morning "the Minors" and Wednesday night "the Show," huh?
  • Pajama Day at the preschool - I felt like a slacker wearing my pjs all day. I never had to change not even to go to bed. The kiddos were cute in their tight pajamas. These skinny legs and big ole shoes.
  • Watched 24. That show is so great - how could they make it any better? And Jack's dad (the farmer from Babe, yall!) is so evil. He'll probably make it the entire season and then escape - Jack will have to hunt him down.
  • Watched Lost. I love Desmond (played Jesus and ended up on our big screen at church) and his story is fabulous. Is Charlie really going to die? C'mon! Where's Sayid? I love to look at him.

That just about catches yall up. Just a week. Nothing too exciting - Oh, did I mention the police coming to my house? Maybe tomorrow.


Melanie said...

Thanks for what you shared regarding the organ donor post. I hope you can visit Kelli's blog sometime and leave her some words of encouragment.
FYI-I didn't publish it. :>)
I need to post my email on my blog.
Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

You are right...24 rocks...I love that show. I love Jack....I think I might have a small crush on him.

Lost is pretty good too so far..I have to admit..I was losing faith. Lost was a little too "lost" for me. But so far, so good. I liked Desmonds story too, did it make total sense? No. But hello?? It's Lost.

Police at your house? Can't wait to hear about that one.

Tammy M. said...

Behold the blogger Denise lives. So glad to read all that is happening. So the police....