Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Cursing the Darkness

6:30 - Feed both kids grilled cheese sandwichs. They both eat pretty well. Jim and I eat a big salad and some chicken.

9:00 - Both kids go to bed and fall fast asleep quickly. That's just the way we like it....

10:15 - Jim and I watch 24 on tape. Jack Bauer was killing me - struggling with his emotions while torturing his brother. Yikes!

11:30 - I fall asleep on my nice, clean sheets. Just the right temperature - wonderful.

12:20 - Kenny comes out to Jim (watching the History Channel) and says he feels queasy. Kenny throws up all the way to the bathroom.

12:22 - Jim wakes me up to help with Kenny. Kenny changes clothes, I clean the bathroom, and Kenny goes back to bed.

12:30 and following - Jim and I use the Spot Shot on the worst spots. The Jim gets out the carpet cleaning attachments and begins to clean the carpet on the way to the bathroom. Let me just say here that Spot Shot is a great carpet cleaner! That stuff has cleaned some of the worst carpet stains ever and I always have it on hand. I put all the yucky clothes in the washer.

1:08 - The Sopranos have gone off of A&E and I'm finally ready to go back to bed. Jim and I get into those wonderful crisp sheets again.

1:58 - Abbie wakes me up standing right next to my bed. "Are you sick, sweetie?" Shakes head, no. "Do you need to throw up?" Shakes head no. "Did you have a bad dream?" Nods yes. (Bare in mind that the vacuum has run and she slept through it.) I fix Abbie her pallet on our floor (4 extra pillows and a blanket) and we all go to sleep again.

3:02 - Abbie rolls over into a bag on the floor and wakes me up. These things happen. Then she sits up and..... Well, you guessed it. She is much more considerate and uses mostly the blanket - not as much on the carpet. Jim uses the Spot Shot again and I start another load in the washer. Abbie chooses to go get in her own bed. I think to myself that at least now I'm for sure staying home. I'm not leaving 2 sick kids at Mimi's.

So the kids and I are at home today. The sunshine is wonderful and I love having a washer and dryer. And Spot Shot.


Anthony Parker said...

Blessings to you. My nights of single parenting haven't been as bad. Jonathan has ended up in bed with me two of the three nights -- the first because I waited too late to get him up to take him to pee, and last night because his nose was running and he couldn't sleep. Lord, save me from throw up, at least until Maureen gets back. 3 days down, 13 to go.

Tammy M. said...

Those sleepless nights, we haven't had them in a while, maybe a year or so. I am knocking on my computer as we speak. Sorry your babes are sick, hope it passes quick. That rhymed.

Denise W said...

I remember when my dad traveled that I would get to sleep with my mom sometimes - it made me feel special.

Plus, we LOVE the pallet on the floor. Otherwise the throw up would have been in OUR bed. Yuck

Stephanie said...

Oh, man. I wish I'd had some of that Spot stuff last October! J was on duty and I was up scrubbing with a concoction of everything I could find in the cleaning closet - and the Yuck was so bad I finally had to cut the carpet out just to get the smell away. (We had planned to replace the carpet with something else anyway - but I STILL hear all about my lapse of intelligence that night!)

Melene said...

Sorry about the bad night. Hope the kids are better now and no one else gets it!
We use that Spot Shot here, too! It's great stuff.

I agree with you about Jack!