Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Bargains, Bargains, Bargains!

Go to Dillard's!! If you have any money or if you can steal from your food envelope, go check out the bargains! All the clearance is another 30% off and there were lots of clothes on clearance.

Examples: unlined denim jacket for Kenny - $5.25, fleece pullover for Kenny - $2.63, reversible jacket for Abbie - $4.38

I couldn't have gotten it for less at Dittos for Kiddos! And this stuff was brand new! It has made me glad (clap, clap.)


Also at Dillard's - the most beautiful pair of shoes I've ever laid eyes on! My heart is beating faster just thinking about them! Is this wrong? It feels wrong.... Imagine them in chocolate brown patent leather. Ohhhhh!

If these are wrong, I don't wanna be right.

Not a bargain. $175